We’ve already seen what happens when a pack of square-dancing ladies go after a drone carrying around coupons for cakes. But what happens when a similar scene occurs on a university basketball court with what appears to be a spoiled, entitled student having a tantrum thrown into the mix? The sight is not very pretty, to say the least.

The following incident occurred at South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, a major city in southeastern China. As the original article, posted by Shanghaiist, describes, a scuffle breaks out between “the jocks and the nerds” when a drone flew over the university’s basketball court:

As the drone passes above the court, a single male student takes aim with his ball and hits it in one shot, causing it to crash down to the ground. He then proceeds to kick it away, and the drone’s two pilots, clad in pink shirts, cautiously step over to pick up the ruined device. But the original assailant smashes it out of one of their hands in a violent burst of rage and even begins to get physical with them, leading to a kind of standoff with his crew in tow. It appears that they even go after the person recording the scene.

This writer doesn’t speak Chinese, and the automatic Facebook translation of the video’s description, “Rich Angry Smash Drones Yelp: my dog food than your aircraft also expensive,” is quite unhelpful. However, Shanghaiist reports that the angry “jock” in the video lashes out by saying, “Why are you flying in my territory? My dad is the principal. Our dog food at home is more expensive than your drone.” The article also mentions that he is a stereotypical example of a fuerdai, or a second-generation rich kid who thinks he’s entitled to everything.

While we can understand that many people aren’t terribly comfortable with drones flying around (especially directly overhead), it seems like this fuerdai overreacted, especially when he starts getting physical. We can’t help thinking he needs to get over himself…or at least learn to relax a little!

Maybe he just needs a few more cat butts in his life.

Source: Shanghaiist
Featured image: Facebook/轻松休闲点点看 (edited by RocketNews24)