Do you like cats? Do you like video games? Do you believe we all exist in a infinite number of dimensions simultaneously and our consciousness can shift between these coexisting realities depending on the choices we make?

If so, I think I know a game you might like. It’s a fun little time waster called 100 Neko by PDC Okinawa, in which the goal is to lure adorable little cats onto your screen with treats and one of those furry wand things. It’s also quite charming.

Let’s see how it works, shall we?

100 Neko is in Japanese but you don’t need a PhD in the language to play it. A Master’s ought to do, but in case you don’t have that either here’s how the play screen is laid out.

All you have to do is touch anywhere on the screen when the wand is over the “Kari Kari” section of the meters. Kari kari is the crispy sound of dry cat food which brings all the kitties into your display. However, you must be careful; if you touch the screen on the blue sections you’ll make either 5 or 10 cats run away.

Even worse, if you touch the screen when the wand is over the grey wedge, you’ll lose a life. If you lose three lives then it’s game over. Continues are possible as long as you watch a promotional video featuring one of the many Farmville-type games in existence.

▼ Although the game itself is vertically oriented, all of the commercials are horizontal which shows a great deal of confidence on their part that you’ll actually want to turn your device around.

It’s not all neurotic rhythmic tapping though. Every once in a while you’re treated to a visit by what appears to be Kanye West floating by with maracas, as he’s known to do. This means its “renda” time where you can pummel the screen as fast as you can without penalty and unleash a flurry of cat treats.

The genius of rap also pops in occasionally when you’re about to unlock a new cat. New cats come after achievements such as collecting a certain number of kitties overall.

You can view your cat collection in a scrap-book from the main menu and fondly recall your cat-catching days gone by.

Overall, 100 Neko is a solid offering which is sure to help pass the time on any train ride or wedding of someone you hardly know. It’s available free from iTunes, but sadly no Android version is out yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and bury your noses in some cat anuses already!

100 Neko on iTunes