Krista Rogers

Starting with a love of J-Pop and J-dramas when she was 13, Krista Rogers has left her quiet New England hometown in the States both to study abroad in Tokyo and to work on the JET Program in beautiful Yamagata prefecture. She misses chatting in the local dialect and staging Kamehameha battles in the hallway with her students. Although she's currently working on her master's degree in Boston, she will without a doubt be back in Japan before long and buying way too much at Book-Off and Tower Records again. When she needs a break from schoolwork, Krista enjoys eating yakiniku, figure skating, finding cute cafes, watching Big Bang MVs, and continuing on her quest to catch 'em all.

Posted by Krista Rogers

Japan’s first Finnish-style sauna facility with private rooms opens in Tokyo

Avoid the big city crowds and carve out a moment for yourself in your own private sauna. 

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Retro noodle soup vending machine is immortalized in an udon soup-flavored pound cake

One noodle-dispensing vending machine in the north of Japan is so beloved that you can now buy it in dessert form with a special box.

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Fashion magazine Egg’s 2020 Japanese Buzzword Awards are here to bring out your inner teen

The number one pick is derived from the lyrics of a song that’s sung in neither Japanese nor English. 

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We try making imoni, the beloved taro and beef stew of northern Japan【SoraKitchen】

This autumn staple of Yamagata Prefecture comes to our kitchen in Tokyo with the help of a friend from the region.

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Japan gifts the world with First Essence Tagame Gin made from a giant water bug

We didn’t rightly know what we were missing “in spirit” until now. 

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Japanese snack company Calbee unveils new edible sleep aid strips

The snack food giant takes its next step towards manufacturing foodstuffs of the future by harnessing the powers of nature. Read More

Elementary school students create a spooktacular event at school in lieu of canceled school trip

Students take matters into their own hands by designing an unparalleled haunted house replacement.

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Sushi fabric maker Maison Sushi adds chic new card and coin cases, shoulder bags to lineup

What’s not to love when the world of fashion is also your sushi?
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Could McDonald’s Japan be playing us for fools regarding the size of two of their new burgers?

We investigate our suspicions concerning a vertical and horizontal cheeseburger conspiracy theory

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Rilakkuma and pals will return to Netflix in upcoming stop-motion animation series

Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will feature everyone’s favorite relaxed bear character indulging in some amusement park fun.

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Kyoto Animation’s Tsurune anime series about traditional Japanese archery scores a feature film

One thing’s for sure: the animation studio known for its lush visuals will take the utmost care to ensure every minute detail is a work of art.

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Trick or treat? Capybaras at Nagasaki Biopark devour jack-o’-lantern in fun new video

Watch these large, furry rodents indulge in a Halloween treat during this spooky time of the year. 

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Rotating Inuyasha Anime Art Exhibition to open in five Japanese cities beginning next month

You might need to “sit” for this one–indulge in the nostalgia and buy up the exclusive character goods at this limited-time art appreciation event.

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Kandaba, moui, and sakuna: We have fun taste-testing Okinawan fruits and vegetables

Our reporter samples 11 types of produce unfamiliar to her in order to crown the overall victors and losers of the island diet.

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You and your family can kiss productivity goodbye with this ginormous kotatsu futon

Working from home was great while it lasted but we’re about to become full-time nappers at home. 

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Reebok teams up with fashion brand Yoshiokubo for traditional-culture-inspired sneakers

A unique fusion of old-meets-new style with ink smears, bonsai, and family crest designs.

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Yoshikitty returns to protect you from coronavirus on stylish new goods

New line of Yoshiki x Hello Kitty collaborative goods is here to rock your pandemic style with a very special message included. 

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Fuji Dream Airlines is offering limited Mt. Fuji sightseeing flights

This special sightseeing deal offers passengers a chance to see Mt. Fuji in a whole new light.

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DyDo is offering Japan’s first “reverse” vending machine of drinks for a very limited time

New vending machine prioritizes nutritional information over product packaging.

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Japanese survey takers go back to school to vote on their favorite school lunch menu items

We’ve outlined the top five elementary school lunch menu items that reigned supreme in the people’s collective memory. 

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