Krista Rogers

Starting with a love of J-Pop and J-dramas when she was 13, Krista Rogers has left her quiet New England hometown in the States both to study abroad in Tokyo and to work on the JET Program in beautiful Yamagata prefecture. She misses chatting in the local dialect and staging Kamehameha battles in the hallway with her students. Although she's currently working on her master's degree in Boston, she will without a doubt be back in Japan before long and buying way too much at Book-Off and Tower Records again. When she needs a break from schoolwork, Krista enjoys eating yakiniku, figure skating, finding cute cafes, watching Big Bang MVs, and continuing on her quest to catch 'em all.

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Sanrio Puroland offers a touching, tear-provoking video message during its closure【Video】

The staff and characters of Puroland want you to know that they’re waiting for your visit from the bottom of their hearts. 

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Japanese cat is singularly perturbed by owner’s piano music, requests a concert cancelation

This one cat would like to call in a complaint about her owner’s rendition of “I Stepped on the Cat.”

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Indulge in this sumo, public bath-themed room during your next stay in Tokyo’s Harajuku district

“Dosukoi” is the next iteration of themed travel accommodations being offered by the fun and inventive Moshi Moshi Rooms.

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With baseball tournament cancelation, former announcer steps in with a kind offer to players

Net users praise a touching gesture of humanity in difficult times.

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Pikachu, I choose you to fight infection! Color-changing Pokémon hand soap now on sale in Japan

“It’s super effective!” should really be the tagline for this new Pokémon soap product. 

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In the midst of coronavirus, a 1,000-year-old food is being revived in Japan

“There’s an epidemic going around and we’re here making so…so is it the Nara Era?

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Our reporter tries amemonaka, the traditional sweet from Niigata Prefecture

This traditional confection is pretty to look at, but how’s the taste?

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Meow’s this? 2020’s ranking of the top cat names and breeds in Japan

The most popular cat breed in Japan has clinched the title for the twelfth consecutive year. 

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Vending machines in Japan are now selling disposable diapers

New installations will provide welcome relief for families with young children while on the road. 
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A mountain of chicken katsu awaits you at this restaurant in Osaka

Will our reporter rise or fall to this gargantuan food challenge?

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Foreign workers respond to survey about changes they’d like to see in the Japanese workplace

The top requests for implementation would benefit not only foreign workers, but Japanese workers as well.

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Japan has more anime/video game actresses than ever before, according to major seiyu magazine

The number of female voice actors listed in the annual Voice Actor Directory has more than quadrupled since the guide was first released 19 years ago. 

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Kyoto’s Shrine of Severing Ties does its job a little too well again…by losing jobs

This (un)lucky recipient of the shrine’s divine power also shares a list of tips to be aware of before praying at the infamous shrine.

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The top nine stand-and-eat soba noodle restaurants in Tokyo

Our resident soba expert ate at over 200 soba spots in the greater Tokyo area, and here are his top picks

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Here’s what 35 years of drawing practice can do for your superhero scribbles

Professional manga artist deftly displays his artistic skill progression from kindergarten to the present. 

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British newspaper ranks the best Studio Ghibli films and reader passions flare

Any ranking is bound to leave someone displeased, but this particular one has more than a few people balking at the selection for last place. 

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No coins? Not a problem for Japan’s new cashless gachapon capsule toy vending machines

The beloved capsule toy machines are catching up to the times by losing the coin element of the transaction. 

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Top 10 ranking of Weekly Shonen Jump’s most beautiful male characters revealed

Don’t be afraid to take in the eye candy with these characters who originally graced the pages of Japan’s best-selling weekly shonen manga magazine.

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Perfect otaku gear: New hanging file case cover display merch for sale and trade at conventions

The case cover hangs from the neck which frees up your hands to trade, display, or easily stow your favorite character goods

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