Mr. Sato investigates just how rich the new Kotteri Max ramen at Tenkaippin really is

For a ramen chain that’s already known for its signature rich broth, how much richer can this new maximum-rich dish get?

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Host club royalty Roland demonstrates his night-time routine, claims it’s not dissimilar to yours

Japan’s infamous host shows off his down-to-earth night-time regimen and his luxurious home.

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Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is selling his private jet because it’s old, gives a tour

Fashion mogul’s stylish plane, with a Japanese washlet toilet and karaoke machine, could be yours…if you’re also super rich.

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Angry university student knocks classmates’ drone out of the sky, throws a hissy fit【Video】

We’ve already seen what happens when a pack of square-dancing ladies go after a drone carrying around coupons for cakes. But what happens when a similar scene occurs on a university basketball court with what appears to be a spoiled, entitled student having a tantrum thrown into the mix? The sight is not very pretty, to say the least.

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These photos from the ‘richest village in China’ will positively blow you away

How would you like to receive a villa, cars, health care, education, and other services virtually for free? That’s all part of the deal if you happen to be one of the lucky citizens of Huaxi Village, China.   

Huaxi Village (華西村, or 华西村 in simplified Chinese) of Jiangyin City is located near the east coast of China and a slightly northwest of Shanghai. It’s famous for supposedly being the richest agricultural village in all of China, though it wasn’t always that way. All of the approximately 2,000 registered citizens in the village are said to have an annual income of at least 100,000 euros (US$131,830), and are able to enjoy the full perks of living in such a wealthy area. Even Japanese citizens have been taking note of some of the jaw-dropping features of this village–wait till you see the pictures for yourself!

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