Cup Noodle wipes the floor with the competition…at a competition in Japan

Nissin brand turns 50 but their marketing remains forever young. 

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Japanese basketball star Rui Hachimura joins with Nissin to make his own Cup Noodle ramen

Hachimura said “I want you to make a product for me” and Nissin was happy to oblige.

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Legendary basketball anime Slam Dunk is getting a brand-new movie

First-ever theatrical release for one of the most popular and influential sports anime of all time.

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Professional basketball meets Cowboy Bebop in awesome NBA playoffs/anime video【Video】

National Bebop Association?

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Taiwanese sports channel airs anime Slam Dunk in place of cancelled NBA games

We interrupt this NBA shutdown to bring you a very important anime.

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Akihabara’s forgotten history reveals surprising basketball court at the station

People in Japan can’t believe the otaku haven looked so different just a few decades ago. 

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Man in China says he likes Pokémon’s Team Rocket on social media, company makes him issue apology

Post expressing love for Jessie, James, and Meowth deemed “inappropriate content that adversely affects society.”

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Korean basketball commentator’s sudden nosebleed draws laughter, admiration 【Video】

Despite copious amounts of blood flowing, both men carry on with the job at hand.

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Japan has a new professional basketball league exclusively for anime voice actresses

Three-on-three league for young ladies sounds like the plot of an anime series itself, but it’s a real-life sports organization.

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Foreign student who punched Japanese basketball referee returns to home country, coach suspended

School adding new staff member to provide psychological care for remaining exchange students from Africa.

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Foreign exchange student punches Japanese basketball referee, victim won’t press charges【Video】

Vicious attack that required 10 stitches is followed by startlingly kind gesture of forgiveness.

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Slam Dunk fans rejoice after spotting a real-life Anzai-sensei on American TV

Anzai-sensei, the jovial coach of Shotoku High School’s basketball team, was recently spotted on American television!

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Angry university student knocks classmates’ drone out of the sky, throws a hissy fit【Video】

We’ve already seen what happens when a pack of square-dancing ladies go after a drone carrying around coupons for cakes. But what happens when a similar scene occurs on a university basketball court with what appears to be a spoiled, entitled student having a tantrum thrown into the mix? The sight is not very pretty, to say the least.

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Japan Basketball Association considering prohibiting zone defense to minors

As much as I sometimes wish I were young again, there’s no denying the fact that youth has its drawbacks. For example, just think of all the things someone under the age of 15 can’t do in Japan: they can’t enjoy a glass of elephant poop beer, vote for some naked, sword wielding guy standing in municipal elections, go to an Edo period erotic art show, or buy a carton of Marlboro and exquisite steak curry at the same place.

And if the muckety mucks in the Japan Basketball Association have their way, anyone under 15 may soon be prohibited from playing zone defense. However, the JBA would like to remind youths that it’s for their own good, and hurts the association more than it does them.

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Dual-wielding free thrower masters the game of arcade basketball 【Video】

There are all sorts of masters lurking in arcades around the world. We’ve seen quite a few in Japan, where taiko drum experts and claw game champions reign supreme. But if this video of a basketball free-thrower is anything to go by, Chinese game centers seem to have their own breed of skilled gamers. However, what makes the skills of the guy on the left, we’ll call him “Khaki Shorts,” all the more amazing is the fact that he’s making one-handed free throws with both his left and right hand four times faster than the other players.

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Giving basketball a bit of yin-yang: Chinese martial artist’s amazing performance 【Video】

What happens when you combine the moves of traditional Chinese martial arts with the modern sport of basketball? A whole lot of awesome, that’s what.

A particular group of basketball freestylers have been making waves recently with a video of their impressive tai chi-basketball infusion.

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The 9 types of basketball players in Slam Dunk – which type are you?

Playing sports brings out a different side of us. This is especially so in sports that require cooperation within a team in order to go up against an opposing rival. It’s easy to put on a front at normal times when you’re composed and in your comfort zone, but it’s a battlefield out on the courts. That’s probably why some people say that you can tell a person’s personality by the way he/she plays on a team.

Here’s a personality analysis derived from the play styles of the characters from a certain popular basketball manga and anime series. Which type of athlete are you? Read on to find out!

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Anime and real-world basketball collide with Nike’s Slam Dunk Air Jordans

While most popular sports anime are about baseball or soccer, creator Takehiko Inoue’s basketball story Slam Dunk is one of the most popular series of all time. Beginning as a manga in 1990 before making the leap to animation in 1993, Slam Dunk played a huge role in boosting basketball’s popularity in Japan.

Slam Dunk’s print and TV run also coincided with four of NBA legend Michael Jordan’s professional championships. Now, the two icons are teaming up with Nike to bring sneaker fans Slam Dunk Air Jordans.

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NBA team logos – Now with added Pokémon!

Here at RocketNews24 we can’t resist a good Pokémon mashup, whether it’s official merchandise or fan-made goodies. Micah Coles is a fan who combined his love of Pokémon with a keen eye for design, reimagining NBA team logos with a new corresponding Pokémon! He’s made new Poké-mascot logos for each and every NBA team, plus a few extras, too!

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Tuffy Rhodes, all-star baseball player in Japan, wows basketball crowd with kindness

As many of our readers probably already know, baseball is incredibly popular in Japan–in fact it sometimes seems as if Japanese folks love the sport more than people from the US. Japanese fans can be truly fanatical and they gladly follow everything from the local team to the major leagues, which makes it no wonder that so many Japanese players eventually make their way to the US.

Of course, it’s not uncommon to see players going the opposite direction across the Pacific, with MLB players coming to Japan to play professionally. One of the best example has to be Tuffy Rhodes, who played for the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox before moving to the Nihon Professional Baseball league in the mid-1990s. Tuffy recently became a bit of an Internet sensation thanks to his good will and kindness at sports games. The weird thing was that it wasn’t even a baseball game!

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