You probably remember that incredible Raiden cosplay from this year’s Tokyo Game Show—the one with the moving mask that wowed pretty much everyone on Internet. We were always a bit bummed there wasn’t more to all the videos and photos, but now Masazi, the cosplayer behind the amazing outfit, has released a minute-long video showing off her suit in action!

Filmed and directed by YouTube team Rescue the Princess! and featuring the same suit created by Gamisan, the short shows Masazi as Raiden waiting patiently in an industrial elevator before stepping into an excessively foggy and dark area. The cosplayer does her best Raiden impression, showing off her giant sword and striking action poses. The video finishes with a close up of the now-famous automated Raiden mask.

While we wouldn’t have minded a bit of a story or maybe some interaction with other characters, we have to say that the suit still looks awesome! Hopefully we’ll get a video of Raiden dispatching some enemies soon too.

Source/images: YouTube/Rescue the Princess!, Facebook/Masazi-Cosplay, Twitter/Gamisan