Kawasaki Halloween is one of the largest Halloween celebrations in Japan, with numerous events towards the end of the month. Of course, the main draw is the parade, which was held just this past Sunday.

But this year’s parade featured something special, with cosplayers dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters. The Aomori Star Wars nebuta floats were even there, making their first appearance in the Kanto area! But the perhaps the coolest part was the stormtrooper marching band! Check out all the awesome photos below!

▼ Stormtroopers can play music better than they can aim…

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This year’s Kawasaki Halloween Parade featured a wide range of Star Wars characters and floats, but for us the most awesome part was the stormtrooper marching band, which played the Star Wars theme song as well as the Imperial march. They were also joined by 100 people in Star Wars costumes, including families set on enjoying all the Star Wars fever kicked up by the soon-to-be-released new film.

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Though this is hardly the first time we’ve seen the Star Wars nebuta floats from Aomori, it is the first time they’ve appeared in the Kanto area. Fortunately, it looks like they survived the long trip to Kanagawa without sustaining any damage!

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The parade apparently began with a ceremonial ribbon cutting—but unlike the kind you might see outside a newly opened supermarket or bank, this one involved light sabers with the sound effects played through the PA system. Fortunately, no one lost any hands!

▼ Kyodo News video of the parade with light saber ribbon cutting

According to ITMedia, this was the largest Kawasaki Halloween Parade yet with attendance topping 120,000 people. The Force is certainly strong with whomever organized everything!

Finally, here are a few shots of some of the cosplayers at the parade. 

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If there was ever any concern that the upcoming film wouldn’t be well-received in Japan, we think those concerns can be laid to rest now. It’s clear that Star Wars fever knows no national boundaries!

Sources: ITMedia
Top image: Twitter/@shinsuke0330, Twitter/@SAWSUI