Human zombie test subjects, ice dragons, and a whole bunch of Fate cosplay.

As Japan’s premiere showcase of electronic entertainment, the Tokyo Game Show is packed with monitors showing off the latest builds of upcoming games that push the digital envelope. However, some of the most compelling sights to see at the show aren’t on any of the monitors.

Being a visual-intensive form of media, video games also inspire some incredible cosplay work, more than our field reporter Tasuku could cover in just one excursion. So he went back again on Day 2 to once again check out the cosplay scene, and also the non-screen sights of the official booths from some of Japan’s biggest video game publishers.

Starting things off is cosplayer Rinashi (@rinyanpassan on Twitter), dressed as Danganronpa’s “Ultimate Detective,” Kyoko Kirigiri.

Fate/Grand Order continues to be one of the hottest franchises for cosplayers, what with its cast of hundreds drawing from famous figures from across history. Seen here is cosplayer Jill (@JILL_mw) as reincarnated Roman emperor Nero Claudius.

Meanwhile, the Evangelion franchise doesn’t offer nearly as many muses for cosplayers to choose from, but that lack of variety isn’t a problem with characters as iconic as Rei Ayanami, portrayed here by Yuka (@ranume_).

▼ As with this Attack on Titan Sasha cosplay from this summer’s Comiket, some wardrobe modifications were made to Rei’s official uniform.

Getting back to real-world history-based series, Himawari/Tane (@hmwr_) offered this snappy salute to Atago from anthropomorphic warship game Azur Lane (whose developer’s president is pretty photogenic herself).

Cosplayers Canon (@honocan15) and Yadota (@taso___v) teamed up so Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Trish Una and Narancia Ghirga could have some in-universe company.

Moving out of the fan cosplay area and onto the show floor itself, Tasuku was warmly greeted by the booth staff from a number of prominent game companies, starting with Capcom.

Aside from the time-tested cheerful young ladies in company-themed attire, Capcom has a very unique booth model, in the form of a “human subject” who periodically appeared in a mad science tube as part of its marketing strategy for Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance.

The Bandai Namco booth went with idol-like outfits evocative of the merged companies’ playful orange-and-yellow logo…

…while Konami had a chic and sporty look.

In addition to human spokesmodels, a number of booths also had in-game characters or bosses promoting their titles, like these fearsome foes from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

…mobile suits from Bandai Namco’s endless waltz of Gundam games…

…and a life-size figure of Atelier Ryza, featuring the character’s much-ballyhooed hips and backside.

There were also high-quality figures for Metal Gear Solid director Hideo Kojima’s mysterious Death Stranding, the game where you carry a baby around in a jar and pee on the ground to create mushrooms, all in order to somehow save a fractured United States of America.

And last, let’s take one last look at some more Fate/Grand Order fan cosplay, with Rui Tsukinon (@ryui_99) as Okita Soji

Ringo (@malmal_cos) as Suzuka Gozen

…and Manotamu (@Manotamu_) as Lambdalilith

…who can take pride in knowing that while there were many costuming enthusiasts at Tokyo Game Show 2019, none of them had a better penguin cosplay outfit than she did.

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