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Japanese taxis are pretty nice. They’ve got those cool doors that swing open and shut at the touch of a button, and the lace doilies they usually have across the rear parcel shelf add a nice touch of class.

Still, we’re finding ourselves feeling a little jealous of taxi patrons in Peru, where one company isn’t just providing swift transportation, but entertainment with a fleet of cabs equipped with Nintendo Wii U game consoles for passengers to play in the back seat during their ride.

Easy Taxi is a taxi booking app that operates in more than 400 towns in 30 countries. One of its markets is Lima, where the company currently has 10 Game Cars.

The special cabs are easy to spot, what with their game controller decals running along the side of the vehicle.

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Hop into the back of the sedan, and mounted to the back of the driver’s seat you’ll find a monitor.

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The screen isn’t there to play a dedicated ad reel or local television channels, though. It’s hooked up to a Nintendo Wii U with a copy of Mario Kart 8.

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Grab the controls, and while your driver is moving the cab through the real world, you can pilot your racer through a virtual one.

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Don’t worry if you’re splitting the cab with a friend, either. Easy Taxi understands that Mario Kart is always more fun in multiplayer, and so the Game Car comes prepared with two controllers.

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We’re not sure if Easy Taxi will let you finish your game if you arrive at your destination before Mario reaches the finish line, but if nothing else, the company has definitely come up with a clever way to help passengers enjoy the ride.

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Source: Inside Games via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Easy Taxi PERÚ