drummer boy 2

Despite all that he has faced in his life so far, this blossoming musician just wants to rock.

At an early age, this little boy was diagnosed with a debilitating cancer (retinoblastoma) that robbed him of his sight in both eyes. But, as Ray Charles has taught us, you don’t need your eyes to be able to see the music.

A drum kit became the boy’s passion and at four years of age he was wailing away on the instrument with precision that belies his young years and his visual disability.

▼ When he was five years old, he learned Godaigo’s “Galaxy Express 999”

Since his first video, his love for the drums has only grown and he practices almost every day. His supportive family upgraded his electronic drum set to an acoustic drum kit and they have been sharing his growth on YouTube by posting videos at different ages.

▼ Here’s a video taken when he was seven.

▼ Finally, one of him at eight playing Queen’s “I Was Born To Love You”

What’s the dream of this little drummer boy? Through playing the drums, he wants to become a person who gives courage and helps fulfill the wishes of lots of people. It’s been over a year since his last video, but his family plans to upload more videos again soon. We can’t wait to hear what songs he’s enjoying as a nine-year-old.

Source: grape
Top Image: YouTube/赤獅子