“Ding ding ding-ding! Oh yeah!!” That’s what he said. Or rather, what his crotch said.

YouTube user KaoringMachine has invented the Ochinchin Drum (which literally means “penis drum”), or, as he calls it in English, Electric Sexy Drum Pants.

In a nutshell (no pun intended), it’s simply a pair of pants with an electronic device installed in the crotch, which, when hooked up to a computer, produces sounds when tapped.

▼ Watch the demonstration to get a better idea!

As demonstrated in the video, the Ochinchin Drum is capable of playing a variety of sounds, pretty much like what some electronic keyboards do. Well, there are also plenty of instrumental smartphone apps with similar functions these days, but the revolutionary difference is that you’ll be able to wear these pants. And walk around with a dinging dong.


Will that impress girls? Maybe. I mean, lots of girls are attracted to musically-inclined guys, so having a groin that beatboxes could possibly be a turn-on. But at the same time, these sexy pants could also make a curious individual want to grab or knee you in the balls just to hear them sing. Just saying.

Source, images: YouTube/KaoringMachine

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