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Metal Gear director’s first video will reveal his picks for the top 10 movies of 2015.

On his Twitter account, video game director Hideo Kojima jokes that 70 percent of his body is made from movies. It’s a hard claim to argue against, as Kojima has a ravenous media appetite for film, with references to, and inspiration from, decades’ worth of movies scattered across his games.

While they may not technically be movies, Kojima is going to be producing and sharing his own videos through the soon-to-be-launched Hideo Tube (“Hidechu” in Japanese) YouTube channel. For the inaugural video, he’ll be joined by Kenji Yano from Japanese multimedia publisher Kadokawa, and the topic is set to be something near and dear to his heart: movies.

Specifically, Kojima and Yano will be discussing the top 10 movies of last year. The famous former Konami employee hasn’t specified whether he and Yano have independently created separate rankings or hashed out a joint list together, but either way it should be fascinating to hear the video game legend offer his direct opinions on a medium other than the one in which he made a name for himself. And it looks like they won’t have to wait long, as Kojima’s above Tweet from February 10 (U.S. time) says the Hideo Tube channel could be up and running as early as February 11.

Kojima has also commented (as in the Japanese tweet below) that he’s often asked for his opinion on novels and manga, so there’s a good chance he’ll eventually make videos with commentary on those industries as well.

While Yano’s level of English proficiency is unclear, Kojima maintains a regularly updated English Twitter account, which has almost four times as many followers as his Japanese one. Add in the fact that he’s been touting the Hideo Tube channel in English tweets, and it seems likely that its videos will contain, at the very least, English subtitles for the benefit of overseas audiences. That way fans around the world will be able to hear his picks for the top films of 2015, then get right to watching/imagining Kojima-directed video game adaptations of them.

Update: Kojima is as good as his word, and the first Hideo Tube video is up now (although sadly without any English subtitles just yet).

Source: Hachima Kikou
Top image: Twitter/@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN