Snowboard, pursued by a bear.

Update: Sadly, it seems that this video isn’t quite what it seems and appears to be fake. We’re keeping it up anyway, though, because it’s just so damn cool.

Original story follows:

Hikers in Japan commonly attach bells to either their backpacks or walking poles when hiking through the mountains in order to give any bears residing in area a bit of gentle warning that they’re coming. While bears, as Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent cinematic outing reminded us, can be extremely dangerous, it’s rare for one to attack unless surprised or provoked, and by ensuring that they don’t accidentally bump into one another on the track in this way, Japan’s bears and hikers tend not to bother each another too much.

A bear pursuing you down the slope of a popular ski resort, however, is not something people typically plan for…

Purportedly shot at Nagano’s Hakuba 47 mountain resort, the following video shows a lone female snowboarder happily making her way down the mountain while singing along to Rihanna’s “Work”. Little does she know, however, that she’s being chased by a bear the whole time…

Maybe he just really, really hates selfie sticks?

Source/screenshots: YouTube/KellyMurphy