This amazing photo of the Japan Alps only gets more beautiful the higher you look

Site of the Winter Olympics shows off multiple seasons’ splendor in one shot.

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Snowboarder in Japan gets chased by a bear, has absolutely no idea【Update: fake but still cool】

Snowboard, pursued by a bear.

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Sporty nerds gather in Nagano to show off their anime and manga-inspired snowboards

Snowboarding is fairly popular in Japan and there’s no doubt that anime and manga are deeply ingrained in the psyche of many people across the nation. So we suppose this ita-board, or “painfully nerdy snowboard” event isn’t too much of a surprise considering the constant appearance of ita-sha (painful cars), ita-suit (painful suit), and even ita-heli (painful helicopters). What did surprise us is the national association dedicated to nerdy snowboards and the annual event that hosts them.

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