Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui has won herself plenty of new fans from around the globe with her delightfully candid interview at the Rio Olympics.

20-year-old Fu Yuanhui refreshingly shows some raw emotion after her 100m backstroke semi-final and perhaps claims the most adorable interview of the Rio Olympics so far. You won’t hear any clichés in this interview, just pure personality and a bit of “Chinese Internet slang”.

Watch the interview here:

With her mouth wide open and eyes darting around like a puppy that’s found a new toy, Fu Yuanhui seems genuinely surprised as she’s told by the interviewer that she swam a time under 59 seconds.

“I swam so fast!” says Fu Yuanhui.

And she doesn’t mind letting the world know her real feelings when asked if she held back in the race.

“I didn’t hold back, I already used all of my mystic energy,” Fu Yuanhui replies with a goofy beaming smile.


Fu Yuanhui goes on to give a heartfelt explanation of how hard it has been for her to make the Rio Olympics saying:

“It’s truly been so hard. I really felt as if I wouldn’t make it. At times I felt like living was no better than death. But I’m so pleased with today’s result!”

When asked if she has any hopes for the final Fu Yuanhui replies:

“None! I’m already so pleased!”

The exuberant Fu Yuanhui then runs off to the change rooms with a quiet scream.


Here is what some people have been saying about Fu Yuanhui:

“This girl is too cute in her reaction LOL. The scream at the end was my fave.”
“I think this video explains the true meaning of Olympics. Not the idea of winning a gold medal or anything, but just knowing you made it that far.”
“So terribly cute, I see her happy funny soul!”
“Loved it. She is happy about her results. I am happy for her. This is what the Olympics are all about.”
“So adorbs, probs my same reaction if i get an A in my major class.”
“She’s my spirit animal. Love how happy she is. Stupid reporter shouldn’t tell her to calm down.”

Fu Yuanhui went on to take the bronze medal in the 100m backstroke final. She may not have won the gold in the pool but she definitely won over a lot of hearts around the world.

Here are a some more of  Fu Yuanhui’s adorable antics that have been circulating online:

We’ve long ago accepted the fact that anime characters aren’t real, but Fu Yuanhui is starting to make us think we jumped to conclusions too soon. Here’s to her continued success both in the pool and on our screens!

Sources: YOMYOMF, Facebook/PropellerTV
Images: Facebook/PropellerTV