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Corey first experienced living in Japan as a high school exchange student and has since spent a total of eight years living in various places around Japan. He is a qualified journalist and has worked with the Mainichi Newspaper. Corey now works as a freelance translator and writer.

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Unfortunately, some clothing items seem to have mysteriously gone missing.

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Japanese pool player gives hilarious English interview complete with PPAP reference【Video】

Easily the best sports interview of 2017 so far.

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Japanese news reports miracle kid winning long-distance footrace after being in last position

Not a bad turnaround as child goes from 263rd position to first and then makes the nightly news. Read More

Experience Doraemon’s Anywhere Door in virtual reality【 Video】

Ever dreamed of having a Doraemon Anywhere Door? Read More

Japanese idol girls excite crowds by spitting water on them

Come for the J-pop idols, stay for the water discharging from their mouths.

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Fight against evil panties in the new Panty Party mobile game【Video】

“Step forward! Warrior of Love, it’s time to show your love of panties!”

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Same-sex couples to be recognized in Sapporo, Japanese city with population of around two million

Sapporo will become the largest city in Japan to recognize same-sex couples.

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US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy performs “Koi Dance” in Santa suit【Video】

America tries a little “Love Dance diplomacy” for Christmas.

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Japanese boy’s sneeze blows “meerkat” off ledge【Video】

This boy’s sneezing is a lot more powerful than his animal species recognition.

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Cute kitty completely “mistified” by vapor released from humidifier【Video】

That kitty face is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

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Pony runs through Shibuya after escaping pet shop 【Video】

This little guy was keen for a bit of horsing around in Tokyo!

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Japanese high school genius creates incredible 4-minute stop motion movie 【Video】

This amazing movie Maru and Mari was created entirely by one high school student.

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Japanese schoolgirls engage in “Air Chair Battle” in railway commercial promoting manners【Vid】

Just when you thought Japanese commercials couldn’t get any weirder.

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“Gold” named 2016 Kanji of the Year

This is the third time “gold” (kin, 金) has been named Kanji of the Year.

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Japanese film “Behind THE COVE” defends whaling and dolphin-hunting, screens in the U.S.【Video】

New Japanese film asks, “Who decides which animals are okay to eat and which animals aren’t?”

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Super Mario Run teaser, gameplay videos released, official launch date announced

Super Mario Run will be Mario’s first adventure into the mobile gaming world.

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“Eyes are closed”: Asian man’s passport photo denied

A Taiwanese-born New Zealander has had his passport photo rejected by his own government due to “closed eyes”.

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Photographs of mysterious globe cloud in Japan causing quite a storm online

Perfectly spherical cloud looks like it was lifted straight out of a manga panel.

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Christmas light display planned near Hiroshima A-bomb Dome faces backlash

Criticisms have emerged over Hiroshima City’s plans to illuminate Hiroshima Peace Park for Christmas.

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