Japanese Internet is hypnotized by kitten hypnotizing itself with its tail【Video】

Purrhaps you are feeling sleepy? How about nyow?

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Comfy kimono hakama roomwear steps into the modern era with stylish new Reiwa Edition【Photos】

One-piece designs are zero trouble, entirely beautiful, and completely comfortable.

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Cuteness goes beyond death in Japan with super-cute memorial urns【Photos】

Because the kawaii spirit, like the human soul, is eternal.

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We score an exclusive interview with viral Twitter star Otodo-chan, Kochi Aquarium’s scary mascot

Otodo-chan has been racking up likes and re-tweets for her impassioned PR pleas, seal-ing her fate as one of Japan’s top mascots!
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Japanese family hears noises at night from room of dead grandma, finds creatures living in walls

Video captures chilling mystery’s heartwarming solution.

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Japanese prefecture that named a Pokémon as its governor to install 16 new Pokémon manholes

Or should these artistic salutes to Slowpoke be called “monholes?”

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Japanese chain Mister Donut crowdsources to pick ‘n choose name for a Pokémon collaboration donut

The collaboration is due for November, but you have to hurry to get your suggestions in.

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Yawns can be contagious for cats too, Japanese pet owner’s adorable felines prove【Photo】

Don-chan and Mogu-chan show that people and kitties aren’t always so different.

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Starbucks Hong Kong adds new bunny mugs and cups to its mid-autumn drinkware range

September is the month to celebrate the rabbit on the moon. 

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We all float down here, Kitty… Sanrio’s It movie collab is more cute than creepy

Crouch too close to the sewer, and you might catch a glimpse of red…oh, it’s just her ribbon.
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Snoopy reborn as adorable Japanese sweets, lives just long enough for us to cut him up, eat him

Let’s eat some wagashi Peanuts!

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Japanese Twitter user gets surprise visit from elementary school student for cutest reason ever

The last thing you expect to hear when your doorbell rings.

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Miniature Japanese ryokan room captivates all our hearts with its teeny tiny perfection

A Twitter artist fashioned a super small hotel scene next to a plug socket, and we can’t stop staring at it.

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Adorable Sanrio hats come with moving ears that will keep you comfy, cozy, cute

What’s cuter than a Hello Kitty hat? A Hello Kitty hat with twitchy ears!

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Cool advertisement for baseball girls mobile game in Shinjuku Station drawn using actual mud

You can’t play baseball if you’re afraid of getting dirty.

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Clever escape artist kitten is gonna get out of its cage no matter what, and you can’t stop it

This Japanese kitten is the very picture of feline determination.

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Peeing Shiba Inu figures are Japan’s latest quirky, maybe-cute capsule toy offerings【Photos】

”They’ll play nice with your other figures!” promises manufacturer.

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Slowpoke Pokémon PC cushion is ready to help you feel great about not getting very much done

Pokémon plushie pal’s productivity parameters are suspect, but his cuteness can’t be denied.

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New Hello theater restaurant blends music, dancing, and food for a fun family outing

The dreamy Hello Kitty Show Box in Hyogo Prefecture celebrates the world’s beloved Sanrio mascot. 

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Pokémon Mewtwo teaches Japanese schoolboy valuable life lessons in kindness, compromising

Who knew Mewtwo could be a good teacher? 

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