Ground control to Major pilot, smile for the camera, you are cleared for takeoff.

Taking an airplane from one destination to another can be a visually boring trip. Inside the cabin, there’s often no chance to take in the scenery as you’re soaring through the sky, especially if you don’t have a window seat. Even if you are lucky enough to snag one, often the view is blocked by an engine, wing or inclement weather. Some flights kindly offer a live video feed for takeoff and landing, but everyone knows that the best view can be seen at the very front of the plane: in the cockpit.

Unless you’re a pilot, you won’t be seeing that lovely view, so the official ANA Twitter page posted a time-lapsed in-cockpit video for us. Flying from Haneda Airport to Oita Airport, through rain, clouds and sunshine, you really get a sense of what it’s like piloting an aircraft. From this point of view, takeoff and landing seem a bit intense, but it’s also blissfully serene just flying through the sky.



Many fans of aviation have asked ANA to create and share a time-lapse video for destinations like Okinawa, Nagasaki and Hokkaido as the scenery should be breathtaking from such a unique vantage point. We really hope they take people’s suggestions and film more of these videos, because they certainly help cure our wanderlust as we are stuck in the office on a work day!

Source: Kai-You
Images: Twitter/@ANA_travel_info