Don’t feed the bears. Let them feed you instead.

As we move deeper into autumn, bears will be bulking up and preparing for hibernation. But the adorable ursine friends of Japan’s Rilakkuma line of character-based merchandise aren’t ready to go to sleep yet, and soon they’ll be available as adorable Japanese traditional anko (sweet bean) desserts.

Part of merchandiser Bandai’s Tabemasu (short for taberareru masukotto or “edible mascots”) collection, these snacks are an upgraded version of the Rilakkuma sweets that we tried a while back. This new addition adds raised paws to the treats, which now look like they’re ready to give you a playful bear hug.


Inside the white bear, known as Korilakkuma, you’ll find milky anko, as was offered last time. The second confectionary’s anko filling is sweet potato-flavored, a popular accent to desserts in Japan at this time of year.


Oddly enough, the brown bear this time isn’t Rilakkuma himself, but instead Chairokoguma, a new pal who was added to the franchise in May. Given that Rilakkuma’s name comes from the Japanese for “relaxing bear,” though, and that pretty much his sole personality trait is laziness, we don’t think he’ll mind sitting this work project out.

▼ Rilakkuma in the center, Chairokoguma on the right

The sweets are priced at 360 yen (US$3.50) and go on sale September 27 at Lawson convenience stores in Japan, excluding branches in Okinawa.

Source: IT Media
Images: Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)

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