“Welcome aboard hotel room 101, this is your flight captain speaking.”

Whether you are in Japan for a long stopover or just resting a few hours before a connecting flight, accommodations like no-fuss capsule hotels offer a brief haven to recharge and wash way travel fatigue. But if comfort is at the top of your priority list, then nothing beats a soft bed in an airport hotel.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu’s proximity to the runways means relaxation at affordable prices within easy reach. We have stayed there previously, but some of their rooms have since received an awesome upgrade.

▼ Transforming an ordinary room like this…

▼ …into this spacious and amazing setup.

To be precise, flight simulators have been installed to provide customers with entertainment in select rooms, with the two-seat cockpits so huge that their displays and equipment take up an entire wall.

These flight simulator rooms cost 25,300 yen (US$234) per night and are meant to accommodate two people. From communication equipment and engine instruments, to the altitude, heading and flight speed indicators, the cockpits provide a rather accurate representation of what it feels like to fly an airplane.

▼ The closest anybody can get to being in a cockpit
without first being a licensed pilot.

The simulation experience starts from taking off of Haneda Airport’s runway and into the air, circling around for a fantastic view of the sprawling complex before performing a smooth landing and docking at one of the airport gates. And if the rest of the room is anything like the one we’ve seen before, then the facilities are just as sweet.

▼ Like the sparkling clean bathroom…

▼ …and maybe even a crystal-clear view of the impressive runway itself.

What’s more, a one-night stay in a flight simulation room costs roughly the same as other non-equipped ones in Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, so those cockpits are essentially free entertainment for those already planning to stay there. Reservations can be done online here.

So if you happen to be around Haneda Airport for a considerable amount of time, be it waiting for a connecting flight or sampling delicious cuisine in top restaurants, why not treat yourself to a unique flying experience in the comfort of a cozy hotel room?

Source, images: Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
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