DJ from hip hop unit m-flo creates song dedicated “To the world’s crotch.”

Musician Taku Takahashi is best known as the DJ from m-flo, one of Japan’s most influential hip hop acts. Since the group’s vocalist left the group not long after its creation, m-flo has gone on to collaborate with a number of other singers and artists.

Takahashi recently finished his latest joint venture, a track titled In Motion. While it’s an instrumental piece, Takahashi worked with a large number of creative partners, but before getting to them, take a listen to the finished product.

It’s definitely a unique sound. Wild yet elegant, plaintive, but possessing an undeniably confident sensuality. You might even detect an organic, even feminine feel to it, perhaps a product of 15 women who played critical roles in “In Motion’s” creation.

Those women aren’t musicians, though, but instead volunteers who donated their pubic hair, the curvaceous outlines of which were mapped as sound waves which form the melody onto which Takahashi dropped a beat.

▼ Three of the contributors, with the sound waves produced by their individual contributions.

The production of “In Motion,” also called “Pubic Hair Grooving – In Motion,” was sponsored by Datsumo Recipe, a website with information on pubic hair grooming and removal. As a matter of fact, even the title “In Motion” is a reference to the hair down there, as the Japanese word for pubic hair is inmou.

▼ The making of/music video for “In Motion”

Shiboru Yamane, one of the producers, recalls the genesis of “In Motion’s” concept as “I got this idea, that pubic hair sort of looks like sound waves. Now all I wanted to do was create those sound waves.” On the project’s official website, you can even listen to samples of the “sound” of individual pubic hairs.

Despite Takahashi’s extensive experience in the music industry, this was an unprecedented challenge for him. “The tune itself is a bit unstable,” he remarks. “To be honest, it wasn’t easy to tame these unruly notes into a piece of music.”

In the end, though, he’s managed to create a catchy sound that belies its non-musical origins. “The real challenge is, how deep can we go with pubic hair? That’s the core message of our song,” says Takahashi, making it sound like he may have found a new well from which to draw inspiration.

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Source: IT Media
Top image: YouTube/ningentube
Insert images: Datsumo Recipe, YouTube/ningentube

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