Mr. Sato attempts to battle his butt forest with Japan’s affordable Osu! Ass Hair Trimmer

Mr. Sato acknowledges that he has butt hair, and (sort of) does something about it.

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Everyone cuts their toenails wrong, says Japanese doctor, and here’s how to do it correctly

Frustrated doctor is tired of seeing improper length and shape.

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Mr. Sato buys an electric earwax cleaner, takes it for a spin

Great, another job taken over by machines.

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Take notes: Beautiful cosplayer teaches seven ways to go from being smelly otaku to just otaku

Sure, planning what to buy at Summer Comiket is important, but so is planning what/how to wash ahead of time.

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Young woman-scent body soap and deodorant becomes a hit with lonely Japanese dudes

Deoco dudes desire feminine fragrance for lessening loneliness.

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Stinky armpit smells transform into handsome anime men in hopes of making Japan smell better

Feast your eyes upon the Wakki Seven, but don’t breathe too deeply.

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Japanese subway conductor sues city for legal right for his beard to exist, monetary compensation

Verdict handed down in multi-year fight between facial hair and Municipal Transportation Bureau.

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China seeing decrease in traditional art of eye shaving

It seems kids today have better things to do than taking razors to each other’s eyes.

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Japanese man religiously followed “9 grooming steps” for three years, netted himself a girlfriend

After undergoing a three year transformation, he advocates going to great lengths to be popular with women.

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“Nine grooming steps guys need to do to be popular with women in Japan” sparks online debate

According to the list, the guy in the photo above already has two strikes against him.

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Grooming industry experts say an increasing number of Japanese men are shaving their pubic hair

The butt is getting more attention too, they claim.

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Japanese musician uses female pubic hair to produce unprecedented sound in new song【Video】

DJ from hip hop unit m-flo creates song dedicated “To the world’s crotch.”

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Japanese female pubic hair shaving guides help users shape hearts, triangles, and more

In a country where many women choose not to shave their pubic hair, this company is offering some assistance to those who do.

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Japan’s fantasy sword tweezers are now officially on sale, available online

No need to slay dragons or delve dungeons! You can now purchase Japan’s Tweezers of Legend with a few clicks of your mouse.

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Chinese women proudly show off natural look for “2015 Armpit Hair Competition”

Believe it or not, the practice of women shaving their armpit hair in the United States is only about a century old. Before, apparently, around 1915, society didn’t really expect women to shave their underarm hair at all. This had a lot to do with the fact that razor companies weren’t shaming women into doing it yet, but also because, according to sources, back in 1915, even the mere mention of female underarm was enough to give men of the time an extreme case of the vapors.

Perhaps even more surprising, though, is the fact that the shaving of armpit hair among women didn’t catch on in China until the 1990s – a mere two decades ago! And despite, or perhaps because of, the practice’s relative newness, Chinese women are taking to the Internet in droves to proudly post photos of their armpit hair as a show of gender empowerment in the 2015 Armpit Hair Competition!

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What? Never seen a dog with a perfectly round or square face before? 【Pics】

Trends come and go, and that applies to almost everything from fashion to food to makeup, and of course, hairstyles. People who don’t own pets might not know, but apparently, there are trends for doggy haircuts as well.

Some “trendy” dog owners and pet groomers in Taiwan have taken to giving their dogs very shapely haircuts so that they look different from the rest. These doggy haircuts are so impeccably done, they’re literally in shape.

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Clean up your game with these amazing Game Boy cartridge soaps

There are few things worse than greasy game controllers. As much as we enjoy snacking while playing our favourite games, doing so can be a recipe for sticky, slippery disaster, so the mere sight of our friends reaching for our Wiimotes or DualShock controllers with their Cheeto-encrusted fingers can be enough to send shivers our spines.

Ordering your pals to go and wash up before handling your precious pads might not foster the most hospitable gaming environment, but thankfully there’s a way to make the situation not only slightly less awkward, but suitably more video game themed: by handing your pal a Game Boy cartridge-shaped bar of soap while pointing them in the direction of the bathroom.

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There’s a reason Yoshi dogs don’t exist in the real world: They’d be absolutely terrifying

If there are any small children in the room, now might be a good time to send them to bed or off on an errand. We can’t guarantee that they’ll sleep a wink tonight after seeing this “Nintendog” poodle with its fur dyed and made up to look like Yoshi from the Super Mario series.

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Sexy sapphire Santas smoothly shave Sato’s stubble

It’s been said that Christmas in Japan is for lovers, and that’s bad news for someone like our Mr. Sato. That’s not to say he’s unlucky with the ladies, but whenever he goes in for that first kiss his prickly stubble never fails to repel them.

However, Christmas is also a time for miracles, and while walking through the Akihabara streets last week, a blue Oasis appeared before him. Staffed by several sexy women clad in cute blue Santa outfits stood the Gillette Skin Diagnosis Event.

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Stay cool guys! Just in time for summer, we find the best deodorizing sheets

Right now, the temperature and humidity in Tokyo are in a race to see which can climb faster. Yes, Japan’s hot, sticky midsummer is on the way, and for most of us, the deodorant we put on before we leave the house isn’t going to last more than a few short hours before it washes away in the rivers of sweat pouring off of our bodies.

Thankfully, men’s grooming product maker Gatsby is here to help with their deodorizing sheets. One of our reporters recently tried out several items from the company’s curiously extensive lineup of “body paper,” as the products are called in Japan, and then gave us his impressions on which is the best to keep yourself from smelling like the locker room after the annual joint training session of the varsity Greco Roman wrestling team and hot yoga club.

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