Japanese fan blown away by J.K. Rowling’s reaction to his Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts drawing

It’s not every day that one of the world’s most renowned authors sits up and takes notice of one of your illustrations.

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Professional manga artist shows how to improve drawing skills in series of two-minute video clips

From trees to clothing and anatomical features, these live-action drawing tips will have you sketching like a pro in minutes!

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Fan artist fuses Pokémon into creatively cute combinations【Pics】

We’re more than a tad disappointed we’ll never be able to catch these fusion versions in any of the games.

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Japanese artist wows Internet with dad’s vintage anime flip books【Video】

Watch 80s anime classics come to life in these amazing picture books created by a veteran anime artist when he was in high school.

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Japanese artist creates tear-jerking images of Lonely Pokémon Cubone looking for deceased mother

This touching four-panel artwork is making people cry around the Internet.

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Top ten “Legendary deceased manga artists whose new work I wanted to read” 【Ranking】

Japanese manga fans look back fondly at some of the legendary giants in the field.

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Japanese artist’s comic about father’s unexpected “confession” is both awkward and heartwarming

“Son, I have something to tell you….”

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Manga, anime and video game artists draw each other’s pictures with surprising results

Japanese artists reveal their imaginative flair by drawing each other’s pictures from memory.

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Who needs diamonds? These animal cling rings are the cutest you’ll ever see

Artist and accessory-maker Jiro Miura sculpts animal figures, earrings, and more, but what we’re particularly crazy about is these adorable, lifelike animal rings that cling to your finger with their little tails, legs and paws. There are so many animals to choose from, from hedgehogs to fennec foxes, and since each ring is custom made, even if you can’t find your favorite animal Jiro is sure to be able to make it.

Take a look at more of these super cute cling rings below!

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It’s Luffy Galore! Feast your eyes on these One Piece drawings by ten different manga artists!

Any remotely popular manga or anime is bound to have its share of fan art, and with a mega-hit comic like One Piece, the amount of artwork created in homage to it has to be staggering. But the illustrations we’re sharing with you today bring the concept of fan art to a whole new level — check out these super cool drawings of Luffy by 10 prominent manga artists that are an absolute delight to look at, even if you’re not a hard-core One Piece fan!

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Happy New Year, manga fans: Artists share their one-of-a-kind New Year’s cards on Twitter

Meeeeh! Baaah!  In Japan, it’s tradition to send friends and family New Year’s postcards called nengajo, thanking them for everything from the year before and wishing them well in the year to come. The cards often feature the animal of the new year’s zodiac; if you haven’t guessed yet, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep.

While usually sent in the mail, with the onset of the digital age, many people are turning to the non-traditional medium of social networking to deliver their nengajo. This year, some ever-creative manga artists took to Twitter to share their hand-drawn New Year’s greetings with fans around the world. Join us after the jump for a look at the best.

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