Tokyo just got a brand-new Pokémon megastore, and here’s a massive look at its exclusive items

Ninja, sumo, and kabuki Pikachu are hiding in plain sight right next to Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe.

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Boro the Caterpillar anime now showing at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo 【SoraReview】

Our spoiler-free review of Hayao Miyazaki’s first new film in five years comes with a sneak-peek look at the official movie programme.

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Beautiful cosplaying takoyaki chef is so talented it’s tearing eyes off her anime outfit【Video】

Blazing speed and precision of Osaka restaurant owner shows that even when she’s cosplaying, she’s still hard at work.
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Anime Your Name’s studio releases trailer for its newest film, which isn’t set in Japan【Video】

After lovingly dramatic portrayals of Tokyo and Gifu, the anime studio applies its glisteningly gorgeous talents to another country.

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Anime art book teaches you to draw the subtle mannerisms that make women beautiful…and butts

Illustration reference covers feminine beauty in both subtle and not-so-subtle forms.

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Dragon Ball Super movie’s first preview appears, producer promises simultaneous worldwide release

Strongest fighters in the universe set to appear everywhere on earth on the same day.

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Pokemon’s Eevee will visit your real-life office in Japan for best day at work ever【Pics, Vids】

Adorable guest is sure to boost Poké-productivity.

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Why does Dragon Ball’s Goku get blond hair when he powers up? Editor reveals the secret

The anime/manga hero goes blond when he goes Super Saiyajin, but not for fashion reasons.

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Love great anime and the great outdoors? Then you need an anime girl ita-tent

Tokyo college kid is ahead of the merchandising curve as he goes beyond itasha to show his love for this season’s hit camping anime.

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Muscly cosplayer loses fans after posting photos of his Sailor Neptune crossplay

The burly Instagrammer says he’ll continue to dress as the female character because he doesn’t need closed-minded followers.

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Home of Japan’s anime-loving penguin has new tie-up event, may create another animal otaku

Kemono Friends returns to zoo where Grape-kun fell in love with his personal best girl.

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Miyazaki’s new animated short Boro the Caterpillar completed, voice actor revealed

Miyazaki puts the finishing touches on his new animated short Boro the Caterpillar and also reveals that all sound effects were provided by a famous Japanese celebrity.

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Virtual YouTuber cast as anime voice actress in new anime TV series in industry-first move【Video】

Kizuna Ai isn’t a real person, but she’s really going to be providing the voice for a different anime character.

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Thousands of anime fans gather for public screenings of new Dragon Ball episode in Latin America

Fans in North, Central, and South America cheer on Goku in his latest fight, but rights holder Toei isn’t nearly as happy.
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Join us in congratulating Kaneda from Akira for his milestone on 17 March, 2018!

Our little Kaneda is growing up so fast… KANEDA!!!

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Is nothing sacred? Line crossed as beloved anime Captain Tsubasa endorses pseudo-gambling

Reason #164 why pachinko sucks.

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World’s first permanent Pokémon Cafe opens in Tokyo, and SoraNews24 is at the table!【Pics】

Pikachu Plates, Eevee Burgers, solving the mystery of what’s inside Mimikyu’s costume, and a very, very special guest.

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Universal Studios Japan’s Monster Hunter attraction lets you use a secret “Sailor” anime weapon

Hint: It’s a surprise collaboration with another hit Japanese franchise with a lunar theme!
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Amazing hologram-style Pokédex is waiting for fans to try at Tokyo’s new Pokémon megastore【Video】

Japan’s newest mecca for real-world Pokémon Trainers gives the Pokédex a jaw-dropping UI overhaul.

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Japanese teen finds awesome surprise hidden inside good-luck pencil his cram school gave him

Just below the surface, a mighty anime ally was waiting.

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