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Ah, young love. The furtive glances; the sheer ecstasy of receiving that very first text message; the tears and emo music marathons when it all goes pear-shaped… We’re sure this young man is far from the first – or last, for that matter – to have his romantic advances cruelly spurned, but it makes tremendously amusing viewing nonetheless.

According to Japan’s Toychan Net, the Romeo in blue here and the girl of his dreams are students in Beijing, the video documenting his attempt to woo her apparently having been shot outside the girl’s apartment or perhaps university halls of residence.

With a friend keeping the beat on a drum, Romeo calls to his Juliet asking her to come out. He then not so much bursts as whimpers into song while onlookers film the action on their mobile phones.

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It doesn’t take long, however, before the girl arrives on the scene, and unfortunately for Romeo she does not look pleased.

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“Shut up! You’re so annoying! Just stop already!” the girl barks at her young suitor.
“I like you,” Romeo timidly replies.

Juliet, unable to take it any more, snatches the guitar from the smitten student’s hands and, with two swift strokes, smashes it to pieces on the cold concrete.

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The small group of onlookers bursts into laughter as the young man stands, open-mouthed and with his hands still in playing position. His drum-playing compadre, meanwhile, has done the sensible thing and beaten a hasty retreat, wisely keeping her own instrument close by.

There’s something a little iffy about this video in this writer’s opinion, however, and it makes me wonder whether this is all simply a (wonderful) fake. Admittedly, we have no idea how long this romantic fellow has been standing outside this girl’s home – he could have been annoying her for hours for all we know – but she does seem to arrive on the scene awfully quickly after the video begins. And we could swear, if we pause the video at just the right second, that there’s a tiny little smile on the girl’s face the second she brings that poor guitar down hard on the pavement for the first time.

But then again, who among us wouldn’t grin a little if we were about to smash up an acoustic instrument in public? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: YouTube via Toychan Net (Japanese)