Martin Cruz hails from Iselin New Jersey, is a killer at playing church music on the drums, and is just three years old! Watch four videos of this little guy owning that kit after the jump.

Martin’s father Dennis is a drummer in a church band and his talented son started out by mimicking his movements. Little Martin first picked up the drumsticks when he was just a year and three months old after Dennis saw potential in the little boy and let him try out the real thing, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Since the age of two-and-a-half, Martin has been performing in churches around New Jersey doing covers of worship songs. And not only is he crazily talented, but he’s also ridiculously adorable!


The family is Filipino, and Dennis said in a Tagalog interview “Yan ang wish ko nga, nakikita ko sa kanya na someday sana maging best drummer siya like mga Phil Collins”, which translates as “That’s my wish, as I see in him to be the best drummer someday, the likes of Phil Collins.”

When he’s older his father plans to get him professional lessons, although if he keeps going like this we’re not sure he’ll really need them!

Martin’s videos have been racking up the hits on YouTube with viewers overwhelmed by the super-combo of talent and three-year-old cuteness. Check out his covers below.

How Great Is Our God filmed at a church in Lodi, New Jersey

Torete by Moonstar88

We Are The Light

With One Voice

Source: Kicker Daily News
Videos: YouTube