Guthrie Govan stands among the best guitar players in the world. He is able to play in a variety of styles gracefully like few others can. His song “Fives” in particular showcases how well he can use the entire fret board effortlessly to make a deeply complex, sophisticated yet catchy guitar jam.

With that, here’s eight-year-old Risa-X to perform this extremely intricate piece written by the 1993 Guitarist of the Year on her guitar!

Guitar being an international language has led dozens of people to heap praise on this prodigy in a bouquet of tongues. Here are a few comments.

 Those are some good fingers!!
 Imagine her 10 years later…
 …and she looks like she’s having fun..! Good onya Li Sa X!
 I started playing two decades before she was born and I can only hope that someday when I grow up I can play like her.
 i quit!

Indeed, Risa-X with her tiny hands could bend strings way better than my middle-aged man hands strengthened by years of typing can. Her all-around technique would suggest a lot of diligent practice, and yet she looks like she’s just playing around as she navigates through this song.

So congratulations, Risa! We look forward to seeing you develop into an even better virtuoso as the years go by!

Source: Kaigai No Hanno Please via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Videos: YouTube – Cristiano Silveira, bluesjamtracks, tonchin1000

Here’s the same song by Govan himself so you can see how Risa-X matches up.

And here’s Risa-X (aged seven) with some vocal accompaniment doing Green Tinted Sixties Mind, originally by Mr. Big.