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This year, one of our favorite Japanese monsters has returned. Gigantic and terrifying, we still can’t help but cheer at its reappearance, even as we realize it’s likely to destroy us.

Are we talking about Godzilla? No, our dark idol is far tastier: the Mega Burger Pizza.

This colossal calorific chimera, which was first unleashed for a limited time last year, once again comes to us courtesy of Kyoto-based delivery chain Pizza Little Party. We’re not sure if the company’s name is a result of a keen sense of irony or a poor linguistic grasp of what the word “little” means, but there’s no arguing its knowledge of the gluttonous cravings that lurk in our hearts.

The lineup has been expanded to include three Mega Burger Pizzas, all of which tip the scales at roughly 1.2 kilograms (2.64 pounds) and are made up of a pizza topped with burger fillings and a second, bun-like thick crust.

2,780 yen (US$27.50) will get you either a Mega Teriyaki Burger Pizza or, if you’re not craving beef, a Mega Teriyaki Chicken Burger Pizza.

▼ Beef

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▼ Chicken

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Rounding out the holy triumvirate of meats is the Mega Bacon Lettuce Burger Pizza, which will cost you a little more at 2,980 yen, but is definitely the most decadently gluttonous of the bunch.

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All three are available between now and November 21. If you’re interested in sampling the whole set, you might want to get started soon, because once you factor in the time your stomach is going to need to digest all that cheese and meat, roughly 10 weeks might actually be a pretty tight schedule for consuming 3,6 kilos of Mega Burger Pizza.

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Source: IT Media
Images: Pizza Little Party