Some of you may remember Kazuki, the adorable Japanese 4-year-old diva who’s cosplay habits are encouraged by her mother and posted to YouTube via her channel, Kazuki’s Room.

In her latest performance, Kazuki has finally jumped on the internet fad bandwagon and covered Gangnam Style. Her moves may not be accurate and her costumes may only be vaguely similar to Psy’s, but it doesn’t matter because she’s just so darn cute.

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Kazuki’s mother writes in the description that she recently purchased Psy’s CD and had been listening to it nearly every day when he daughter demanded that they do the “horse dance” together.

Kazuki seems to have the signature steps down, galloping and swinging her imagery lasso as best as her tiny, uncoordinated body can manage. And her Korean ain’t half bad either!

It’s all very precious until about 2:30, when mom suddenly takes the stage “disguised as a grandfather” and things just get weird. It’s really almost too embarrassing to watch, but she seems to be having fun and her kids were probably splitting their sides watching her do it; though these will probably make for some really awkward family home videos down the road.

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Source: YouTube