Tired of RocketNews24 items that are coherent and have some semblance of order? Me too, so here’s a video of Dragon Ball Z villain Freeza playing an excellent rendition of the One Piece theme song “We Are!” on the drums. Well, it’s nearly Friday, isn’t it?

Freeza here is actually Zack the drummer for the band The Wasted doing an independent anime cover project called Free Zack Z. He has a YouTube channel where he also performs the drum parts to the Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Youkai Watch theme songs. Moreover he’s really tight on all of them despite having to play with a tail.

YouTube comments were also kind, saying:

“I enjoy people who look like they’re having fun playing. I look forward to the next video.”
“I got goosebumps that was perfect and funny!”
“The faces really bothered me but I’ll let it slide because the drumming was really good.”
“Zack is awesome!”
“I love you.”
“How often does that Freeza costume get cleaned?”

The above video was only posted about a week ago but as of this writing has 8,558 views. It won’t be much longer until it gets OVER…eh you see where I’m going with this. We’ll leave you with some other selections of Freeza’s work but be sure to keep an eye on his YouTube Channel to see what he comes out with next.

The Wasted: Website, Facebook, Twitter
Source: YouTube – ZACK THEWASTED via Curazy (Japanese)

▼ It’s All Right – The Wasted

▼ Youkai Taiso (drums and dance)

▼ Pokémon Theme