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Japanese people have a stereotype for being incredibly tiny. Grown men and women can shop in the “junior” section, which is a handy way to save a bit of money, especially when buying some brand name items. But just because you “can” doesn’t mean you “should“. One Japanese “baller” finds out the hard way that some children-only items should really only be used by children. Unless you are looking for a new and permanent metal chastity belt.

You might be seeing this face all over the Internet soon, as this Japanese man has the look that belongs in a meme. The Higashi Osaka Fire Department was called to the scene of a man who was stuck in a baby swing seat. Unwilling to admit defeat or ask for help, this young “yanki” probably spent hours trying to free himself before giving up and calling “119” (the emergency services number in Japan).

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Once the enormity (and ridiculousness) of the situation hit, it had to be shared online. Friends on the scene spared no sympathy as they posted the pictures with no faces obscured. Better for the rest of us, because that is the face of a man who has just given up and has accepted his fate to be rescued by the big strong firemen.

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“Can you tell us again…why did you get in the swing?”

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The Japanese Internet community is abuzz with this great new derp face. Some people can’t seem to sympathize with the guy stuck in a child’s swing, saying things like:

“Crapped my pants laughing so hard!!!”
“What a hopeless looking face!”
“He is such an idiot.”
“The people who saved him were probably like, ‘I can’t…I’m laughing too hard!'”

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At the very least, it’s good for a laugh, but perhaps has broader applications, meme away, folks, meme away…

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Source: Hamsoku via Twitter (@skdwm)
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