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In Japan, the New Years is traditionally a time for eating osechi cuisine, and while tastes and lifestyles may be changing, come New Years Day, many people will be eating at least some of these special new year foods. And once all the new years festivities have passed, it’s quite understandable if some of the Japanese public ends up yearning for something a bit more oily and rich. Well, Burger King Japan has just announced a new series of menus that just may fit the bill in such a situation. It’s Burger King Japan’s new “cheese fondue” menu, featuring items that allow you to create fondues out of … you guessed it, hamburgers!

That’s right, Burger Kings across Japan will be offering the “Beef Fondue” burger and “Chicken Fondue” burger for a limited time from January 9 next year. Both burgers will come with a serving of their original “Fondue Sauce” made from five different cheeses.

▼The Beef Fondue Burger will be priced at 690 yen (US$5.70) including the fondue sauce and will consist of a grilled beef patty flavored with black pepper, along with pieces of lettuce and tomato, all sandwiched together with a creamy cheese-flavored sauce. And yes, you’re expected to dunk this burger into the warm fondue sauce! Yum!
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▼And this is the Chicken Fondue Burger, which will also come with the same fondue sauce for 450 yen ($3.72).  It’ll contain pieces of chicken tenders along with tomatoes and a slice of Monterey Jack cheese. With this burger, you can dunk the entire sandwich into the fondue sauce, or you can dip the individual chicken tender pieces into the sauce according to your preference.
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Both of the burgers come in a “junior” size (about 9 cm or 3 1/2 in across) so that they’re not too bulky to dip into the fondue sauce. 

But if you’re a cheese lover, you’ll probably want to smear the cheese fondue sauce on not just the burgers but on everything else as well, right? If that’s the case, don’t worry — you can also order the sauce individually too!

▼The fondue sauce, which will be sold separately for 250 yen ($2.06), will be made from Emmental cheese, Gouda cheese, Cheddar cheese, Mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese cooked together with white wine. Just dip your favorite side dish into the sauce to enjoy you very own cheese fondue!

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According to Burger King’s press release, all of these items will be sold until late February or while supplies last, and if you’re thinking of going out to a Burger King and trying any of them, you may want to know that there will be two locations where this cheese fondue menu won’t be available: the Kitamoto Hey World shop in Saitama Prefecture and the Round One Maebashi shop in Gunma Prefecture. Well, as far as we can tell from the pictures, that creamy sauce looks sure to satisfy anyone’s craving for cheese. So if you’re in Japan, now you know where to go in the new year for your cheese fix. Happy fonduing!

Source: Burger King Japan press release  (Japanese) via ITmedia (Japanese)
Photos: Burger King Japan press release