When we posted a video of an enormous, pulsating, terrifying spider crab slowly escaping the confines of its old shell and setting off in search of new digs and (probably) human souls, we thought that was about the most horrifying the process of molting could really get.

Then we saw this video of a spiny lobster molting on land. We will never be the same.

The video comes from the owner of a minshuku (traditional Japanese inn). These inns, especially when located near bodies of water, tend to serve fresh seafood as part of their included traditional dinner for guests. Supposedly, the owner noticed that one of the lobsters bound for the dinner table was beginning to shed its carapace and, wanting to show her grandkids what it looks like, pulled the lobster from the tank, plopped it right on the ground and started filming.

We can only assume those grandkids now require extensive therapy and will presumably never, ever eat another lobster ever again for fear that its everliving spirit will twitch and flop into their nightmares for all eternity.

In all honesty, though – animal cruelty debates notwithstanding – it’s pretty cool to be able to see this really quite miraculous process in the (juicy, delicious) flesh and it’s amazing to see that the lobster seems just as capable of doing it both in and out of the water. On the other hand, it’s kind of sad to think that this little guy’s last thought was something like, “Ah, that feels much better,” before being picked up and transferred directly to the boiler.

Source: Japaaan
Photo: YouTube