It’s been unseasonably cold around Japan this week, sending most of us scurrying for those wooly mittens and knit caps in the back of the closet lest we lose a finger or ear to frostbite.

You’d think with the layers of fur and feathers they are already schlepping around, pets wouldn’t feel the falling temps quite as much, but if Twitter photos are any indication, they are looking just as hard as we are for ways to ward off Old Man Winter.

This cute chinchilla looks like he would like to climb inside that floor heater.

And while dogs do have that lovely fur, their toe pads and ears are especially sensitive to the cold. Luckily for this guy, his owner has got him covered with some snow gear.

This budgie has found an extra-eco-friendly way to get toasty by making use of the exhaust from a laptop. A smart solution if you are small enough to swing it!

And finally, this cat is using his feline wiles to get his owner to turn on the electric floor mat. Who could say no to those baby blues?

Is there anything quite as cute as a pet getting warm and snuggly?

Source: Twitter via Togech
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