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When you think about all the power our modern devices burn through each day, particularly when some of us leave our gear switched on when it really needn’t be, it seems like a tremendous waste. So why not put some of that lost heat energy to good use and keep your pets warm?*

Uploaded by Twitter user dtp_peijimono earlier this week, this photo shows a flock of fluffy feathered friends settling down along the top edge of an external hard drive and behind a desktop PC – clearly the best spot in the room!

“I let my java sparrows out of their cage to fly around,” writes the pet owner, “When they’d tired themselves out, they all settled in this spot behind my PC on on top of my external HDD. I bet they’re nice and warm!”

We bet they are too! And frankly speaking we’d rather have a few happy little birds sitting beside our desktop computer than a cat planting itself firmly on our laptop…


*As cute at this is, it’s probably not a good idea to encourage your pets and computer equipment mix. Curious budgies + whirring fans, wires, and electricity is probably asking for trouble.

Source: Twitter via Togech
Inset image: We Know Memes