Understated costumes celebrated at “Jimi Halloween” event in Tokyo 【Photos】

The anti-cosplay cosplay event that’s low-key stealing the show in Shibuya every Halloween.

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Typhoon Hagibis turns Tokyo into an eerie ghost town【Pics, Video】

In Akihabara, giant screens blared happy tunes to deserted streets as a life-threatening typhoon approached Japan.

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Japanese cosplayer shocks everyone with dramatically different before and after makeup photos

There’s a very different face hiding underneath this Idolmaster character.

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Hippest grandpa in Japan stuns online with magazine-worthy photo shoots【Photos】

The sweetest part is that “Silver Tetsuya’s” photographer is none other than his beloved grandson.

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Solid Sakura: Gorgeous photos show cherry blossom season’s grand finale at Japanese castle

The castle is one of Japan’s top cherry blossom destinations, and these photos show why.

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A hero’s quest to find a limited-time save point in Osaka

A popular tourist spot in Osaka becomes a real-life “save point” spot for a limited time for all gamers.

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Event asks visitors to compose poems inspired by the beauty of thighs.

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Moisturizing gel from Japan markets itself as though a cat is cleaning you with its drool【Pictures】

Cat fanatics, this one’s fur you! This new all-in-one moisturizer is designed to look and feel like cat spit.
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The one thing otaku never take photos of on vacation, according to Japanese Twitter

Hardcore anime fans like to travel and snap pics like anyone else, but there’s something that’s always just out of frame.

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Japanese pilot flies close to Mt Fuji, asks passengers to look out the window

Mt Fuji never looked more beautiful.

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Nine places to take unforgettable social media photos in Japan

From modern art to Shinto shrines, Data analysis group releases its list of top photography spots from 2018.

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Japanese publisher to release photo book of beautiful… delivery women?【Video】

Sagawa Express is trying to show off their feminine side.

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Amazing winter photos of university on Japan’s northern island make us want to go back to school

Winter comes early to Hokkaido and turns one of Japan’s most respected schools into an otherworldly wonderland.

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Our reporter transforms into a cool rock star with the help of some fashion experts

Still riding the Halloween high, our guy gets his biggest dream realized in the most rockin’ way.  

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Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo closes for relocation, marks end of an era in Japan【Pics & Video】

Fishmongers, customers and tourists bid a sad farewell to the famous fish market, which was a Tsukiji mainstay for 83 years.

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New photo app turns you, or Mr. Sato, into a sparklingly handsome shojo manga dreamboat【Photos】

From wannabe gangster to would-be 2-D heartthrob in just seconds.
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Following spring cancellation of Tokyo event, artist’s new exhibition shows that the concept still has legs.

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Photos of abandoned power plants in Japan show the hidden beauty in ruins【Photos】

Deteriorating facilities remind us of the power of time and the fragility of man’s monuments.
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Beautiful mounted policewoman from Russia gallops into hearts of Japanese Internet users【Photos】

Justice is served with an aura of gorgeous gallantry.

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Beautiful mountain farmlands are yet another reason to visit rural Japan

As if you really needed more motivation

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