Hokkaido police searching for naked man in glasses who groped woman in sub-zero weather

Lack of common decency and common sense lead to unusual attack in Sapporo.

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Japanese news crew “faking” visuals for on-site report gets caught by local, laughed at online

Public broadcaster NHK chose a strange way to show the “waist-deep snow” of this hot spring town in northern Japan.
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Amazing winter photos of university on Japan’s northern island make us want to go back to school

Winter comes early to Hokkaido and turns one of Japan’s most respected schools into an otherworldly wonderland.

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Tokyo too hot for you? It’s already snowing in Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island【Photos】

Winter wonderland makes a surprise appearance in the middle of August during Japan’s hottest summer ever.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan offers discount to customers in masks for limited time

The special “mask discount” aims to support people suffering from colds and hay fever at this time of year.

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This crazy box of heat from China is how we want to wait out winter

If you’re looking for us before mid-spring, you’ll know where to find us.

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Forget snowmen – Japan shows us we should be making snow Pokémon and Totoros instead!【Photos】

Or, if you want to be really unique, snow toilets and urinals.

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Tokyo’s most famous landmarks are even more beautiful after heaviest snowfall in years【Photos】

Sensoji Temple, the Ghibli Museum, and Tokyo Disneyland are always worth a visit, but especially on snowy days like this.

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We try it out: Does Uniqlo’s HeatTech Ultra Warm work on a motorbike ride in the dead of winter?

Sure it’d be fine on an afternoon stroll, but how does it hold up against freezing winter winds?

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Freezing temperatures in Japan turn inn’s hot spring water to ice

Wait, hot springs can freeze?

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Body jacket from China protects scooter riders from winter cold, throws dignity out the window

Who needs self-respect when you can stay warm?

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Video of water hose shooting ice cylinders like a machine gun shows how freaky cold Japan can get

Spring can’t come soon enough for this employee on morning cleaning duty.

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Beautiful frozen waterfall in Japan is an awe-inspiring reason to brave winter’s cold【Pics/Vids】

Visitors are drawn to the serene stillness of the icy Fukuroda Falls.

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Heater-equipped hanten Japanese jackets mix modern technology and traditional winter fashion

Clever idea helps wearers cope with the cold with a new take on the retro garment.

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Funny Japanese cats give owner icy stare for his lack of autumn hospitality

Chilly glares during chilly weather in an attempt to establish who’s really in charge.

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Crazy cold temperatures in Japan turn sinks into instant ice dispensers 【Video】

Water freezes before it can even go down the drain.

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Parrot owner left in the cold in Japan as his pet bird hogs the space heater

Last weekend, it was like someone flipped a switch and put an end to the pleasantly mild weather Japan has been enjoying this fall. Since then, it’s been piercingly cold winds, gray skies, and as of this morning, a steady downpour on the Tokyo area.

To fight off the chill, many people fired up their halogen space heaters. Handy as they may be, though, they don’t warm the air so much as the body of whoever is sitting closest to the device. As such, everyone wants the prime spot right in front of the heater, including this cozy pet parrot.

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What do you eat when you catch a cold? We asked 11 of our Japanese reporters

The answer to the question “What do you eat when you catch a cold?” is probably different depending on where you live in the world. For me, nursing a cold conjures up images of sitting in bed wrapped in blankets and sipping chicken noodle soup.

But we were curious to know which foods and other remedies are commonly consumed in Japan when someone gets sick, so we asked 11 of our colleagues over at the Japanese edition of RocketNews24 and our sister site Pouch to share what they eat when the sniffles start creeping up on them. Think you can guess how they answered? Some of their responses might surprise you!

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Snow?! Uta no Prince-sama fans don’t care about no snow! (Or sleeping, apparently)

Though it’s not official, we’re starting to think that Japan’s national sport is waiting in line. The colder the day and the longer you stand around shivering, the more points you seem to get. Hey, it’s a lot less violent than, say, sportsball, so we’re not criticizing.

And the most recent line-waiting competition took place this Friday–just in time for the first snow of 2015 in the Tokyo/Yokohama area! We think that’s like a kicking a three-pointer in baseball or something. But who or what were these hundreds of people waiting for in the middle of the snow outside Yokohama Arena?

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Photos of people lining up outside of the Sapporo Apple Store make us feel positively frozen

We thought people were dedicated when they lined up in droves to wait for the release of the iPhone 6 earlier this year, but that’s nothing compared to what these people had to endure while waiting for New Year’s lucky bags outside of the Apple Store in Sapporo, Japan!

Would you wait outside in the freezing cold for over a day and risk catching pneumonia in order to score some spiffy Apple products?

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