For reasons we will never fully appreciate or ever be able to fathom, wearing plastic convenience store bags as clothing is inexplicably trending in Taiwan right now. It appears the trend is being spurred partially by the convenience and life-hacky money-saving of cutting two leg holes in a 7-Eleven bag and wearing it around like pajamas, and partially by the fact that a lot of objectively good-looking women are posting their plastic bag-clothing photos on social media.

But until now, it seems no one really thought to actually take the style for a spin outside, until one crazed Taiwanese Netizen dared himself to ride around on a motorcycle wearing nothing but a plastic bag outfit if 10,000 people “liked” his initial comment.

Spoiler: They did.

A mere one hour after our daredevil motorcyclist posted his bet, the 10,000 “like” mark was met, as curious folks egged the sartorially challenged guy on.

It has to be noted that the poster’s first photo made it look an awful lot like he was actually a girl, so among those 10,000 a not-insignificant number probably just wanted to see a nearly naked chick motorcycling the streets of Taiwan.

Two hours after the original post, the bold Netizen told viewers he was off and Internet history was made for at least the next, say, two hours (or approximately 500 Internet years), as the plastic bag-wearing Netizen mounted his motorcycle (scooter?) and took it out for a spin around Taiwan, wearing, as promised, a plastic bag and some women’s tights.

The Taiwanese Interwebs immediately lit up in response to the guy’s antics, with people rushing to proclaim him the manliest Netizen they’d ever seen as the guy threw caution and normal people pants to the wind, riding around town with the plastic bag’s material flapping around his liberated genitals at high speed. Side note: This is beginning to seem less like a daring, devil-may-care stunt and more like a legitimately good time.

Anyway, as much as you’d almost certainly like to recreate this stunt, do be aware that it’s probably illegal where you live.

Top image: YouTube/張睿澤
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