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Last month, we got our first in-costume look at the cast of the upcoming live-action TV adaptation of manga and anime Prison School. But while the production’s casting directors, stylists, and costumers have done a commendable job making the real-life performers look like their 2-D inspirations, fans have been wondering if the live-action Prison School will still feel like its source material.

After all, it’s not uncommon for there to be a major shift in tone when anime goes live-action, and a lot of the outlandishly pervy stuff that goes on in the animated Prison School ostensibly gets a pass from censors because it’s not being done by real people. Still, it doesn’t look like the live-action Prison School is looking to change the formula that worked for both the anime and the manga, as its two preview videos show it’s still perfectly happy to bask in its ludicrous lewdness, as well as repeatedly ask the question “Do you prefer butts or breasts?”

Heads-up! Depending on how accepting your workplace environment is of ludicrous lewdness, you might want to save these videos for after you get home.

Neither teaser is subtitled, so let’s start with the less linguistically complex of the two.

Even if you’ve never taken a class in Japanese, you probably caught the repeated utterances of the words shiri and mune by the school’s mustachioed Chairman Kurihara. So what do shiri and mune mean?

“Butts” and “breasts.”

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Kurihara is asking the boys whether they prefer a woman’s bust or bottom, in one of the many scenes in which Prison School takes an absurdly sexualized situation and treats it with dead seriousness. In this particular instance, the five boys who make up the core cast are facing expulsion, and the fate of their academic careers hangs in the balance of how they answer the extremely inappropriate question. Adding another layer of psychological tension is that they know Kurihara himself can’t get enough of that wonderful butt, but would he view having students with similarly specific salacious tastes in a positive or negative light?

▼ “Butts or breasts, which is it that you prefer, I wonder?”

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Of course, most of the boys’ torment comes in more direct form from the female students who administer Hachimitsu Academy’s on-site jailhouse, which is highlighted in Prison School’s second preview.

“We assumed the joys of youth were waiting for us,” begins protagonist Kiyoshi, looking back on the group’s expectations as they were accepted into the newly co-ed high school. Before long, though, the cleavage-peek and panty-flash filled daydream turns into a nightmare.

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▼ “What’s with her?!?”

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▼ “Men are trash!”

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▼ “Lick my boots clean!”

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Yep, looks like Prison School is planning to pull no punches, or tongues, when it debuts on October 25 on broadcaster MBS.

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