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When Pokémon graced our tiny Game Boy screens back in 1996 (or, depending on where you’re from,  1998 or 1999), we all thought that nothing could be better than these beautifully crafted 151 animal-like Pocket Monsters. But then a second generation of games came out and suddenly we were graced with 100 new Pokémon who pledged their loyalty and undying love to us, their trainers. Now in 2015, there are 721 different Poké-friends to collect and train and we couldn’t be happier with them…unless we could take two of our favorites and fuse them together, that is!

The concept may have been done before, but each artist brings their own personal fliar and the results are always fascinating. What makes the following combinations unique is that sometimes there are not two but three Pokémon fused together!

The theory behind what makes up a good fusion is pretty simple, but finding a combination that still looks cute or brings out all the ferocity of the original Pokémon can be tricky. For example, if you’re fusing Beedrill and Pigeot, do you keep the sharp pointy weapons of the bee Pokémon or emphasize the bird-shape of the flying Pokémon?

Canadian-based artist Seoxys certainly has a knack for picking all the right features to highlight from each Pokémon, and we hope someone in the Nintendo offices is taking a look at her work for inspiration for a new generation of Pokémon.

▼ We could wake up to this cutie every day.

▼ Drink milk if you want to keep your fusion powers strong.

▼ Two water type Pokémon seem like a natural fit for a fusion.

▼ A little blue, a little white, a whole lot of cute

▼ A spooky nine-tails is everything we never knew we wanted.

▼ This one looks like the Spirit of the Forest from Princess Mononoke.

▼ Snorlax’s much more energetic cousin

▼ Don’t let that Grumpy Pokémon face fool you.

▼ What do you get when you fuse a cat, a bird, and a dragon?

▼ X + Y obviously equals Z, and this would be a perfect Legendary Pokémon for the game.

▼ So many Legendary Pokémon, so darn cool!

▼ The T-Rex of our Pokémon dreams!

▼ This trio of Legendary birds make a fantastic single Pokémon.

If you are a Pokémon fan, you can’t help but wish that fusions like these will be a feature in the next Pokémon game, maybe even the mobile version they are currently working on. For now, we will just have to settle for these epic concept illustrations from Seoxys. If you like what you see, take a look at her Facebook page for more of her work — Gotta look at ’em all!

Source: 9gag
Top image: Facebook/Seoxys Art (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24) Facebook/Seoxys Art