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Different cultures may have different beauty standards, but one beauty requirement that was thought to be universal in the world of modelling is having a set of long, shapely legs.

But now even that idea is being challenged. Thai-born model Kanya Sesser was born without legs, but she hasn’t let that hold her back. She currently works as a lingerie model, and she’s transforming people’s notions about what it means to be “beautiful” all over the world.

Kanya Sesser was abandoned by her parents shortly after her birth, left outside a Buddhist temple. Despite her traumatic childhood though, she was adopted at age five and taken to the U.S. where she didn’t just survive, she positively thrived.

Now 23 years old, Kanya does pretty much everything you wouldn’t expect her to: she skateboards, surfs, gives motivational speeches, and of course, models sportswear and lingerie.

Here’s some sample photos of her work:

▼ The classic “don’t care about no stairs” look.


▼ The classic “make your jaw drop” look.


▼And the classic “something probably symbolic that you can’t quite figure out” look.

When asked about how she feels being a model, Kanya had this to say:

“I love showing people what beauty can look like. I don’t need legs to feel sexy. … I’m different and that is sexy.”

And apparently it’s not just sexy, it’s downright profitable too. Kanya makes over US$1,000 per day modeling lingerie, and her popularity and demand is only going up. Here’s a few more images of her to show why that’s the case:

▼ Yup, I would have a concussion if I attempted that.

▼ Sometimes you just gotta dress up a bit.


▼ That face says: “Oh, you think I’m half-buried in sand? Here, let me show you something….”

▼ Is this how kids skateboard these days?


▼ Just hanging out at the beach.


▼ Showing up everyone at the skate park.

▼ And making everyone really jealous of her cupcake.


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Source: Coconuts Bangkok
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