Chōshi Electric Railway gets an A for effort, even if they don’t quite nail the whole Christmas spirit thing

While less than one percent of the population identifies as Christian, Christmas is still a pretty big thing in Japan. The holiday may have lost its religious connections (though some would argue the same has happened to Christmas in western countries as well), but you will still find gorgeous illuminations throughout major cities, Christmas trees and decorations adorning stations and department stores, and Christmas music almost everywhere you go.

One particular railway in Chiba Prefecture—the Chōshi Electric Railway, running from Chōshi Station to Tokawa Station—decided they wanted to join in the fun and get into the Christmas spirit by decorating their trains, inside and out, with Christmas lights.

▼ The only line owned by Chōshi Electric Railway


Image: Google Maps

From the outside the decor looks normal enough—plain golden lights encircling the windows and edges of the train car, and green lights creating the shape of a Christmas tree.

But if you take a closer look, you’ll see some pink lights gleaming from the windows. Hmm, what could be going on inside?


Oh. Oh, wow…

We’re not sure where exactly they went wrong. Their choice of colors, perhaps? Maybe their excessive use of stringed lights? Or probably a combination of the two…

▼ “The Chōshi Line is looking like a love hotel”

Love hotels, if you’re not familiar, are just what they sound like: hotels, available to rent by the hour or for overnight stays, as a place for, well, love-making. Themed hotels are quite popular, some going quite over the top with the decor, much like, some are arguing, the Chōshi Line’s  trains.

▼ Something seems oddly similar…



Japanese netizens are certainly having a good laugh about it all.

“What is that, a strip bar? lolol”

“There’s something dirty about it lolol”

“Is Chōshi Railway running a brothel?”

“I’m almost expecting a naked woman to appear…”

Here are some other Christmas trains from around Japan that Chōshi Railway can take some hints from for next time.

Hiroshima’s street car, lit up beautifully at night.


Even the conductor is dressed as Santa-san!


The Kikuchi Line in Kumamoto Prefecture seems to be raining Santas from the ceiling!


In Sapporo, Hokkaido, the street cars are getting into the spirit with Coca Cola.

https://twitter.com/honoka_rainbow/status/676327471994634240 https://twitter.com/IlovekismyReina/status/676951769218473984

Are there any Christmassy trains in your area? Please share them with us!

h/t Naver Matome