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Pikachu continues to zap brightness into our lives, this time as stationery in hand-drawn patterns!

We’ve already established that Pikachu is cute doing just about anything, including squeezing through turnstiles. This time, he’s been turned into stationery items, and once again, he manages to look irresistibly sweet!

That’s right, once you’ve seen the line of Pikachu merchandise that stationery maker Kamio Japan has recently released, we think you’ll agree with us that you don’t have to be a hardcore Pokémon fan to find these items completely endearing.

What’s more, this Pikachu has been illustrated in an original hand-drawn style, with a softer, more abstract look than what we’re normally used to.

▼ You can see the entire line-up on these posts on Kamino Japan’s Facebook page. That’s a whole lot of Pikachu merch to oooh and aaah over!

And just to make sure you get a good enough look, here are some of the items up close.

▼ This letter paper and envelope set, priced at 450 yen (US$3.70), should delight anyone receiving a message on it.

2 Pika letter_RAmazon Japan

▼ At 280 yen a piece, this Pikachu masking tape is almost too cute to cut.

3 Pika tape_RAmazon Japan

▼ Writing should be much more fun with these Pikachu pens, each costing 500 yen.

4 Pika pens_RAmazon Japan

▼ And why not keep the Pikachu pens in this adorable pen case priced at 1,480 yen?

5 Pika pencil case (1)_RAmazon Japan

▼ If you wear glasses, you can keep them in this eyeglass case that comes with a matching cleaning cloth for 1,380 yen.

6 Pika glass case_RAmazon Japan

▼ You can keep you cards organized in this card holder, priced at 1,500 yen.

7 Pika card case_RAmazon Japan

▼ And they also have a booklet of post-its for 520 yen…

8 Pika fusen (1)_R

▼ …which opens up to reveal this adorable selection!

9 Pika fusen (2)_RAmazon Japan

The items are available from Amazon Japan and online shops on Rakuten as well as at stationery shops across Japan. It appears some of the products are already sold out, at least on Amazon Japan, which we guess isn’t surprising considering that Internet users have already been going gaga online over the darling-looking Pikachu items.

Thanks, Pikachu, for electrifying us with your charm again!

Source: Nijimen.net, Facebook/Kamio Japan
Top image: Facebook/Kamio Japan