If you’re planning to have a Christmas party at your house, it’s a must-have!

Japanese home decoration shop Francfranc is known to sell a host of stylish and modern furniture, accessories, and kitchen tools for your home; it’s not really known for its stock of party items and light-up toys. But that didn’t stop them from producing and selling this amazing, Jingle-Bells-singing, spinning disco light Santa Claus!

Japanese Twitter user @yoiotto88 shared a video of their disco Santa in all its glory, saying, “I bought something I really didn’t need at Francfranc”. At first it just looks like a nice, modern Santa figurine, albeit with an unusually clear head and carrying an un-Santa-like wand with a heart at the top. But then @yoiotto88 turns it on, and its atmosphere completely changes.

The frenetic energy of the spinning lights that come out of Santa’s translucent head coupled with the jubilant rendition of “Jingle Bells” makes this about the cheeriest, weirdest, and most chaotic Santa Claus figurine you could ever have. It’s strangely alluring in a way; somehow you just can’t stop watching those dancing lights spilling out of Santa’s head. There’s something particularly intriguing in how the movement of the lights contrast with Santa’s completely immobile, stoic form. It’s an enigma, to say the least.

▼ Here’s a video that includes a view from the back, too, for your viewing pleasure.

This Santa would be a perfect addition to your Christmas Disco Party, because how better to celebrate Christmas than to dance in the dark with colorful flashing lights that come from Santa’s Head? Just plop it on the table, turn off the lights and turn it on, and you’ll have a cool light effect to impress your friends with.

But wait, there’s more! Supply your guests with the ultimate party favor in the form of this colorful, disco light baton-waving, handheld Santa toy!

With all of your friends bopping around the dance floor with these in hand, it’s sure to be a good time (provided nobody pokes an eye out).

▼ Here are both, working together, so you can know exactly what kind of party it’ll be.


Japanese netizens who saw the original tweet both loved and hated the weird toy:

“I don’t understand the concept and as for what it’s for…I can’t figure that out either.”
“Clubbing Santa! lol”
“Amazing (crying laughing face)”
“The super bright sparkly lights in contrast to Santa’s dead eyes…”
“Okay, I have to go buy one now.”
“This made me laugh. Thank you!”

If you don’t want to spend the money on a real disco ball, these are probably a lifesaver. There is also a snowman version, and you can combine that with the light-up Hello Kitty disco head and the spinning Pikachu that raps its own name to make your Christmas party–or shall we call it a rave?–completely unforgettable.

Source: Twitter/@yoiotto88 via Hamster Sokuho
Featured image: Twitter/@yoiotto88

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