Iguanas make great pets. They’re scaly, chilled-out, and they can be SO CUTE! Don’t believe us? Check out this derpy iguana blissfully licking at an empty, fruit-patterned plate.

Like most reptiles, iguanas love to chow down on juicy fruits. And, as long as they’re not eating it every day, fruit makes for an excellent treat alongside more standard fodder such as leafy green vegetables.

Japanese Twitter user merc_kaede17’s pet iguana, named “Igu-chan”, is no exception: she loves all manner of fruit, particularly tangerine segments. So you can only imagine her confusion when her owner brought home a new dinner dish for her featuring a colourful orange design.

Igu-chan, moments before the realisation sets in:


Let’s take a closer look at that, shall we?

▼ “Ooh, my favourite fruit and colour! What a kind human I do have, to be sure!”

▼ “Now, to chow down on this tasty and tangy tangerine offering. Slurrrrp!”


▼ “Hmm, not quite the fruity taste I was expecting. Perhaps if I get my whole tongue around it…”


After taking several snaps of poor Igu-chan trying and failing to get any joy out of a cold, hard piece of crockery, her owner decided to make it up to her by providing her with the good stuff.

▼ “Finally! I thought I was have a reptile dysfunction for a moment there!”


Besides chowing on fruit, Igu-chan lives a pretty exciting life for a lizard. Here she is abseiling down the curtains without a rope.


And here she is climbing Mount Human.

Ahh, it must be a nice life to be a lizard.

Source and images: Togech, Twitter@merc_kaede17