Also runs magazine for a day.

Hiroyuki Takei‘s manga Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai follows a wandering, one-eyed samurai, Nora Chiyo, as he “cuts through insolence.” Nora Chiyo also happens to be a cat, but Takei’s art style makes him look sufficiently badass. In real life, though, a cat like Nora Chiyo just can’t quite cut it.


The real-life Nora Chiyo appears in a “gravure” spread in the May issue of Kodansha‘s Shōnen Magazine Edge, which carries the Nekogahara manga and is on sale now. He also worked as an editor at the magazine for a day, with less than spectacular results.


Nora Chiyo looks at a Tokai no Tom & Sawyer outline and approves it with his paw print.


Nora Chiyo eyes a manga crow hungrily.


Nora Chiyo takes a nap after his lunch break.


Nora Chiyo wakes up and prepares to go to his gravure photo shoot.


Nora Chiyo apparently forgets about editing the magazine and gears for battle.


“What? [The bell] is bigger than in the manga? Come on, don’t worry about the details, nya!”


Nora Chiyo prepares to slink off into the night. “Clothes? Like I said, don’t worry about the details, nya! See ya!”

The Shōnen Magazine Edge official website also carries these stamps for use in e-mail or texting.


Nekogahara has been running in Shōnen Magazine Edge since September. Takei promoted it at the time whilewearing a strange, bulbous mask. Kodansha Comics will publish the manga in English.

Sources: Shōnen Magazine Edge Editorial Department Twitter and Shōnen Magazine Edge official website viaNijimen; Image from Comic Natalie

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