Japan Railways offering ‘Shinkansen for Pets’, includes dog-friendly vacation packages

The ‘Woof-cation‘ package includes a photographer, veterinarian and dog trainer.

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Company PET partners with Kyoto temple to offer genuine funeral services for beloved pets

New collaboration services honor your departed pets as full members of the family while also granting you and your remaining family some closure.

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Young and elderly alike can satisfy their feline frenzy with this $180 cat robot companion

Cat got our wallets?

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Help your kitty reach enlightenment with Felissimo’s new Buddhist statue-style “halo scratcher”

After all, isn’t the most divine member of your household worthy of some proper respect every now and then?

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Twitter sympathizes with shivering Shiba Inu during a Tokyo thunderstorm【Video】

Those who don’t own a pet might never have experienced how scary Mother Nature can be to our furry friends.

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Dragon Ball’s Lord Beerus shows up at mortal’s house, lowly humans beware!【Cat cosplay】

If there’s one lesson that the Dragon Ball anime has taught us in recent years, it’s that you should never cross a God of Destruction (without cup noodles).

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Japanese netizens outraged over famous YouTube channel’s treatment of hamsters【Videos】

Netizens are now calling for the arrest of the owner for animal abuse.

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Adorable Shiba Inu is famous on Japanese Twitter for refusing to move when she’s having fun【Pics】

We can relate, Doge. We can relate. 

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Pet iguana mistakes fruit-patterned plate for tasty treat, with adorable results【Pics】

Iguanas make great pets. They’re scaly, chilled-out, and they can be SO CUTE! Don’t believe us? Check out this derpy iguana blissfully licking at an empty, fruit-patterned plate.

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New robot cat toy “Hello! Woonyan” is set to bring you mechanical cuddles, meows, and more

Now you and your kids can experience the fun of owning a cat without any of the hairballs!

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Artist shares a glimpse of a world where the Pokémon Eevee is real

Check out one Japanese Twitter user’s adorable vision of what her home would be like if Eevee actually existed in real life!

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Toyota ad about lonely father and dog has a twist ending, will tug at your heartstrings 【Video】

At this point it’s probably no exaggeration to say that Toyota Japan is the master of making automotive commercials. Their commercials thus far have been heartwarming, bizarre, even more bizarre, and are more like minute-long movies than advertisements.

And the same thing goes for the most recent Toyota commercial. It’s about a man whose daughter leaves to go to college, and suddenly feels a lot lonelier at home with only his pet dog. What’s the twist ending that has Japanese netizens talking? And how does this all tie back to making us want to buy a Toyota? Read on to find out!

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Loki the “vampire kitty” is an Instagram star, and we think she’s just fangtastic!

Cats are the celebrities of the Internet world. Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and others have their own Instagram accounts, websites, T-shirts and merchandise, and some have even appeared on TV and at conventions. But there’s always room for more! Enter Loki, the kitty with the permanent vampire grin!

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New uber-soft gel dog beds mimic the feeling of lying between owner’s legs for pet pooches

Despite our fondness of cats here at RocketNews24, we do still have a soft spot for pooches. So here’s something to appease the dog-loving readers of our site–a new line of gel dog beds sold by Japanese pet interior brand UNIHABITAT, which are designed to recreate the feeling of lying between a human’s legs.

Get ready, pampered pooches of the world, because you’re in for a treat–if your jealous humans don’t buy them all up for themselves first, that is!

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Maru the celebricat is done playing with boxes, now wants to become a box himself

Box-loving Japanese kitty Maru has been delighting cat fans for years with his love for cardboard containers of all kinds. Despite being a fluffy chubster, Maru seems to constantly underestimate his own size, leading to much hilarity as he attempts to squeeze his podgy body into boxes and containers that are just way too small for him.

But now, Maru’s taking his act to the next level. No longer content just to squeeze himself into boxes, he’s now embarking upon a transition process to become a box himself

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Check out that fluffy belly! Donguri the cat loves to lounge around on his back

A while back we investigated what our sleeping styles say about our personality. One of the things we found out is that if you tend to sleep on your back, you’re more likely to be assertive and possibly even a little self-centred – two words one might use to describe Donguri (acorn) the pussycat, who’s been spotted cat-napping all over his owner’s house flat on his back!

Warning – this post contains extreme amounts of fluffyness!

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The next fad for UFO catcher prizes: tiny pufferfish!

UFO catchers occupy a major portion of Japanese arcades nowadays. If you happen to walk by an arcade, the flashing lights and fun prizes all beckon customers to try their luck at these “skill” testing games. Normally, the prizes are figures and stuffed animals from popular TV shows and manga, but you will often see snacks and food. Most recently, a UFO catcher at the Amuseum Oizumi caught our eye because of its prize, a real live pufferfish!

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Notice me, Kitty! Adoring cockatoo’s three-year campaign to win the heart of the cat it loves

If you’ve got any experience of the dating world, then you probably know how much it sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you back.

Generally, most people tend to give up at this point and move on, but when Mai-san the cockatoo first laid her beady eyes on handsome Ku-san the cat, she knew she had to make him notice her, even if it took years of hard work…

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Cat transforms into beautiful woman with the aid of a wig (and a little imagination!)

Bakeneko are a type of Japanese feline folklore monster (yokai) that are said to be able to transform themselves from cats into women for devious purposes. We always thought it was just a load of hokum, but now stunning new pictures have emerged of a cat actually in the process of this transformation!

Okay, so someone’s just put a wig on their cat for a Twitter photo opportunity, but it’s still totally cute!

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Kitties, doggies, bunnies, and deer – even more stuff balanced on Japan’s pets!

Earlier in the week, we reported that the phenomenon of putting weird stuff on your pet and taking a photo of it was having a revival on Twitter in Japan. Today, we’re delighted to bring you even more pictures of a range of fuzzy animals with stuff precariously balanced on them!

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