Pet iguana mistakes fruit-patterned plate for tasty treat, with adorable results【Pics】

Iguanas make great pets. They’re scaly, chilled-out, and they can be SO CUTE! Don’t believe us? Check out this derpy iguana blissfully licking at an empty, fruit-patterned plate.

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Never Let Go of Your Lizard Umbrella, Even When You Let Go of It

On rainy days, especially in Asia, a dozen or so umbrellas can be seen sitting outside of stores and other buildings. For thieves or people with momentary rain-soaked lapses in conscience it the perfect chance to get a free bumbershoot.

To combat this we have the Lizard Umbrella – a 2012 Red Dot Design Award-winning concept by inventors Kim Seokhui, Kim Seongjin and Kim Dasol.

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