With Tibetans continuing to set themselves ablaze in protest of oppressive rule by Chinese authorities, state media for Qinghai province reported that the government of the province’s Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture announced it would begin offering rewards of 200,000 yuan (about US$32,000) by December 27 to anyone at the scene who can prevent such suicides from occurring.

The prefectural government criticized the immolations as being “dehumanizing and antisocial behavior that goes against law and morality,” and emphasized its determination to crack down on the conduct. Additional rewards offered by the local authorities include 100,000 yuan for informing on agitators, 50,000 yuan for tipping off authorities about people planning suicide, and 1,000 yuan for putting out someone already on fire.

The government is also deploying armed police and public safety officers to town squares and other popular gathering places and proceeding with the confiscation of satellite dishes in an attempt to prevent the influx and dissemination of anti-Chinese views.

According to U.S. government broadcaster Radio Free Asia, an emergency communiqué released by the Huangnan government in November stated welfare benefits would be revoked for families of suicide victims.

Source: MSN Japan