Keep them in the kitchen or throw them in a bag–these toys also serve as functionally cute souvenirs to bring home.

McDonald’s Japan has been on a Happy Meal roll in recent months with some of the cutest, most coveted Sanrio character goods around. The newest set of Sanrio prizes includes eight toys, all with practical functions, plus a bonus mystery toy to come.

The batch of nine will be released in two waves, with the first being available from April 12 to 25. The four toys in this series have functional uses for cooking or dining, making them a perfect way to add a dash of kawaii to your next meal.

1. Hello Kitty mini tongs and container set

This cute, face-shaped container pays tribute to none other than Sanrio’s most beloved mascot, Hello Kitty, complete with her trademark pink bow.

Even better, the pair of mini tongs can be easily stored inside of it when not in use. And just look at that enthusiastic waving Kitty on the bottom!

2. Cinnamoroll star rice-shaping tool

Some days you might need just a little extra incentive to eat your rice–such as by forming it into the shape of a star with the help of Sanrio’s most popular reigning star Cinnamoroll.

The tool is super easy to use. All you have to do is add cooked rice to the star-shaped cup portion, push lightly down on top with the presser, then release the bottom of the cup to result in a starry rice ball that’s light-years more fun to eat.

3. Pompompurin juicer cup with lid

This three-piece set includes a giant lid shaped like Sanrio’s adorable golden retriever character Pompompurin along with a squeezer tool and cup with a curvy-edged design.

Simply rub half of an orange or a lemon over the juicer part and fresh juice will fall directly into the cup below. We can’t think of any better–or cuter–way to get your daily vitamin C.

4. Gudetama egg masher

This one is truly a collaboration for the ages, cleverly pairing Sanrio’s lazy egg character Gudetama with an egg masher!

We tried mashing a boiled egg with the tool for ourselves and it was super easy to use. Also, we can confidently say that we’ve never seen the lazy egg work harder.

All of the above toys can be easily disassembled for cleaning and storage if necessary. Please note, however, that they are not suitable for dishwashers, ovens, or microwaves.

Following the above series, the second wave of Sanrio Happy Meal toys will be available between April 26 and May 9. This series includes handy cosmetic items to stick in your bag for primping when you’re out and about. Diners who buy a Happy Meal during the three-day stretch between April 27 and 29 will also receive a special bonus Sanrio character postcard.

5. Kuromi comb

What initially looks like a statue of the cheeky bunny Kuromi actually turns out to be something else. Remove Kuromi from the top of the stand with her name on it to reveal a short hair comb.

Simply slide the stand back on when you’re done using it and ready to throw back in your bag. The tips of the comb teeth are rounded, so small children can also use it without getting hurt.

6. Little Twin Stars compact mirror

Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala are adorably resting at either end of a rainbow on the front of this toy.

Slide each case portion to the side to reveal a compact mirror. We noticed that the mirror was very slightly warped, but still clear and handy for use on the go.

7. Pochacco wet towel case

This toy is the largest of them all with the adorable head and torso of Sanrio’s doggy character Pochacco acting as the lid for a towel or napkin case.

The case also looked slightly retro to us, like its design was from the ’90s, which should make millennial Sanrio fans excited to go on a picnic with the toy soon.

8. My Melody card holder

As the sweet bunny counterpart to Kuromi, My Melody graces this cardholder with plenty of pink and hearts.

A convenient hook and name tag make it great for commuters to store their IC transportation cards in–or for swapping trading cards at lunch.

In addition, this second series contains a ninth, yet-to-be-revealed mystery toy. We can’t wait to find out which Sanrio character is featured on its design.

Finally, beginning on May 10, all nine toys will also become available to score for anyone who buys a Happy Meal. Just like with the Happy Meal Pokémon summer sets from last year, however, if there’s a particular toy above that’s squeezed your heart, it’s probably best to buy your meal as soon as possible while supplies last.

Reference: McDonald’s Japan
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